Nutrition in the Elderly

Our Centre has documented high rates of under-nutrition in community-dwelling older people, associated with increased morbidity and hospitalisations.

We have an international reputation for research relating to the 'anorexia of ageing' - a physiological reduction in appetite that occurs during normal ageing and predisposes to anorexia and weight loss, with disproportionate loss of lean tissue.


The Centre's Nutrition in the Elderly research programs include:

The effects of oral testosterone and a nutritional supplement on hospital admission rates in older people

Professor Ian Chapman

Prof Chapman's major research interest is currently the 'anorexia of aging', with a particular focus on the gastrointestinal control of appetite and energy intake, including the role of gastrointestinal hormones.

Role of gastrointestinal mechanisms in the physiological anorexia of ageing

Dr Stijn Soenen

Dr Soenen's research is looking into the mechanisms underlying the regulation of energy intake. His research has found that ageing is associated with reductions in appetite, energy intake and body weight, as well as muscle mass, which impact adversely on quality of life and survival of older people.