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LinkedIn Learning offer professional development resources to develop study and work skills, to give you a competitive edge and expand your employment opportunities.

All students at the University of Adelaide now have unlimited access to an extensive range of free online learning videos to support professional and personal skills development.

The LinkedIn Learning library offers a wide range of in-demand digital courses led by industry experts covering professional, creative and technical topics, aimed at all levels of learner.

Content is deliverable in bite-sized segments that can be viewed anytime, on any device, online and off, with new courses being added every week. 

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2021 Graduates guide to getting hired

New graduate? Here are the skills every industry is hiring for.

Graduates guide to getting hired

There are thousands of courses on LinkedIn Learning, which can make finding content overwhelming. We’ve put together a list of recommended courses, based on the skills we know employers are looking for, to help you get started. LinkedIn Learning is intended to complement and support your studies. Pace your self-directed use of LinkedIn Learning and give your work towards your degree priority.

Don’t forget to activate your LinkedIn Learning account to get your free access.

Recommended courses

Please note that as of 1 July 2020, LinkedIn Learning will not be supporting Internet Explorer 11 across all products,
due to low usage.

  • Access

    Access is available to all university students from March 2020 through single sign-on (SSO).

    You do not need a personal LinkedIn profile to use LinkedIn Learning but you do need to activate your institutional LinkedIn Learning account to access the course material.

    If you have a LinkedIn profile, you can choose whether you wish to connect your LinkedIn Learning account to it, or keep the accounts separate.

  • Activate

    To activate your LinkedIn Learning Account:

    • Go to LinkedIn Learning.
    • Click ‘Sign In’.
    • You will be asked for authentication and will be redirected to the UofA sign-on page.
    • Log in with your UofA student number and password.

    You are given the option to link the LinkedIn accounts.  If you choose to connect your LinkedIn profile to your LinkedIn Learning account, you will receive additional features such as course recommendations relevant to your experience and interests, and information about current trends.  Any future log-ins will be directly through your LinkedIn profile.

    If you opt to continue without utilising a LinkedIn profile, you will connect via your LinkedIn Learning account each time.

  • Mobile App Access

    Mobile App access allows you to use LinkedIn Learning online and off line.

    Look for the LinkedIn Learning: Online Courses to Learn Skills app on your Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

    Install and then open the app.

    Sign in using your student email and password OR the email address and password you use for

  • Online Self Help

  • Privacy

    Use of LinkedIn Learning is subject to the University of Adelaide Privacy policy and IT Acceptable Use and Security Policy.

    See link for further information about LinkedIn account privacy

  • Support

    The application is licensed by the Division of Academic and Student Engagement.

    For technical support, contact the ITDS Helpdesk on extension 33000 or

    Feedback can be directed to the Student Employability Team at