About Employability

Employability is your X-factor. Employability is about more than just getting a job. It’s the ongoing development of the knowledge, skills and personal attributes that will allow you to be successful after graduation.

Stretching beyond your academic record and discipline-specific skills, employability requires truly knowing yourself—what you’re capable of today, where you want to get to in future, and how you’ll get there.

Your employability can be developed and enhanced through your experiences both at the University and in your life outside of study.

As one of our graduates, you'll have it

At the University of Adelaide—South Australia’s #1 ranked university for graduate employability*—you’ll find employability enhancement embedded into almost everything you do.

In our world-class learning environment, you’ll develop a unique combination of knowledge, skills, behaviours and personal qualities throughout your degree. We call these our Graduate Attributes, and they span the spectrum of qualities that all employers seek.

Students attending their Graduation ceremony

Our graduate attributes are:

  • Deep discipline knowledge and intellectual breadth.
  • Creative and critical thinking, and problem solving.
  • Teamwork and communication skills.
  • Professionalism and leadership readiness.
  • Intercultural and ethical competency.
  • Australian Aboriginal cultural competency.
  • Digital capabilities.
  • Self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

*QS Graduate Employability Ranking 2020.


How we'll help your employability grow

Our learning and teaching approaches here at Adelaide include three key types of learning experience to develop employability.

  • Work-integrated learning

    Work-integrated learning (WIL) offers you the opportunity to connect your academic learning with its practical application in the workplace, and includes internships and placements. 

    Where WIL is embedded in your courses, learning activities are specifically designed that require you to integrate and apply your previous learning and knowledge to make and justify decisions in a work-related context.

    While some WIL happens in the workplace, there are other ways to apply your learning and connect with industry without going on a placement in an organisation. Many degrees have a final-year ‘capstone’ course that involves partnering students with organisations to complete an applied project with real needs and objectives. Some courses use simulations to develop your skills in an authentic professional environment. Some examples of these environments include dental clinics, moot courts, architectural studios and engineering consultancies.

    Understanding how your studies apply in the workplace will increase your employability. Take every opportunity to participate in WIL by enrolling in courses that offer applied projects, simulations and work-based learning such as internships, throughout your degree.

  • Experiential learning

    Experiential learning is a process of ‘learning through doing’.

    Your University of Adelaide curriculum offers opportunities for experiential activities such as problem-based, inquiry-based, and project-based learning, international experience (Study Overseas) and more. The practical skills gained and chances to utilise your knowledge will greatly help your employability.

    Learning also happens outside of the classroom and through the Adelaide Graduate Award program you can take the initiative to learn from your volunteering and work experience.

  • Career development learning

    Career development learning hones the skills and attributes you’ll need to effectively navigate the workplace and manage your career. In many disciplines, the curriculum provides a Professional Practice course to teach these skills.

    Career development activities include undertaking a skills audit, networking, personal branding/marketing, writing a resume, professional communication skills and development planning. Undertaking these activities will give you a greater understanding of yourself and your employability.

Under build my employability, you'll find more ideas for study and extra-curricular activities to enhance your employability at the University of Adelaide.