Build My Employability

There are all kinds of rewarding ways to build your employability at the University of Adelaide.

Adelaide Graduate Award

Gain experience and get recognition for extra-curricular activities.

Career Services

Get prepared for your professional career and connect with industry and employers.

Global IQ Connect

Build your cultural intelligence - a skill essential for a successful career in culturally diverse settings.


Gain hands-on industry experience while you study.

Study Overseas

Diversify your studies, become a global citizen, and make the world your classroom.

Volunteer program

Meet new people, gain experience and strengthen your resume.

The right steps at the right time

Each new study or career phase you enter will bring with it an ideal new set of steps to enhance your employability. Follow the most appropriate link for you and your situation below to see our best suggestions for keeping your skills progressing.

Undergraduate students

Postgraduate students

Add to your experience

Reflect on your experiences and your employability skills. Are there any areas you need to strengthen? If so, consider getting involved in the following co-curricular and extra-curricular activities:

Use our online Employability and Career Skills tool to assess your employability skills and identify areas for further development.

Use your support services

The following University services and resources—which include job ads, volunteer opportunities, employer events and career guidance—can help you build your employability right from the start:

If you are a student with a disability or ongoing medical condition, we understand that you may face unique challenges in building your employability while studying. Please register with Disability Support as early as possible, so that we can work out how best to assist you with participating in activities like Work Integrated Learning (WIL) (e.g. internships).

Connect with industry and employers

You’ll add to your industry insight and polish critical networking skills. Some excellent avenues include:

Also, consider whether your resume and LinkedIn profile could benefit from an update. Our Career Services workshops can help you make your experience stand out. 

Hone your entrepreneurial qualities

Entrepreneurial thinking, and the ability to be creative and innovative, are key to employability in our rapidly changing world of work. Some channels through which to build your entrepreneurial experience include:

Learn about our graduate attributes

Everything we do is designed to help you develop a unique, highly employable combination of knowledge, skills, behaviours and personal qualities throughout your degree. Find out about these graduate attributes and how you’ll develop them in your studies.

International students

As an international student at the University of Adelaide you have access to a wide range of opportunities and experiences to build your employability through meeting new people, sharing your culture with others, and broadening your experience. These include:

Career Services have a dedicated team who assist international students develop their employability skills for the Australian job market as well as their home country. Visit CareerHub to find out more about employer events, internships, and skills development workshops.

International Student Support also provides a range of specialised advisory and support services for our international students.

And, of course, you’re able to access all the other opportunities listed in the Undergraduate and Postgraduate sections of this web page. Simply choose those most relevant to your stage of career or study.

Graduates and alumni

Stay connected

Post-study, your primary employability goals are to keep your networks strong, skills sharp and experiences rich. And one of the best ways you can do this is by staying connected with your University community. 

After graduating, you can keep accessing our Career Services and CareerHub for up to one year after your degree’s completion. Plus, you can join one of our many local and international alumni groups to access exclusive events and programs focused on personal and professional development:

You could also consider ‘learning by teaching’, by contributing your skills and experience to the University community. This could be as a:

Continue your professional and career development

The world is changing and transforming at a rapid pace. To stay ahead of the curve in your professional career, consider expanding and sharpening your capabilities through:

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