China Career Ready Plus (CCR+) Program

Unique careers support program for Chinese students

At the University of Adelaide we understand that students from China are not just here for an international education, and we recognise that for most students a successful career is the most important consideration.

That’s why at the University of Adelaide we offer an award-winning careers program providing expert support to Chinese students to help them prepare for graduate jobs in Australia and China.

The CCR+ program is available to all Chinese students at the University of Adelaide and gives access to:

  • Special talks and workshops run by career professionals
  • Opportunities to connect with Chinese and Australian employers
  • A careers portal showing jobs, internships and resources exclusively for Chinese students
  • Opportunities to connect with an industry mentor

Employers looking for outstanding international students

The Career Services can assist employers in connecting with talented international students and graduates of the University of Adelaide. We work closely with hundreds of local and global employers who wish to engage with specific groups of students.

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Meet our team

Our team members are from diverse backgrounds with international work experience. We have worked collaboratively with many industry partners across different private and public sectors in Australia, China and other Asian countries.

Meet our team to find out how we can assist you!

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