Mentoring Programs for Industry

Facilitated by the Career Services team, our mentoring programs connect current students to industry professionals.

Mentoring is a learning relationship that focuses on the mentee's goals and development. Our programs provide students with an opportunity to develop career management skills and increase employability in their industry, based on their mentor's insights, guidance and personal perspectives. Mentors engage in the learning and coaching process, helping students to achieve their goals.

These are voluntary programs and do not include job training or work experience.

Who are our mentors?

Anyone can be a career mentor and we have several different programs to suit your experience level, available time and your connection to the University (you do not have to be an alumnus of the University of Adelaide to participate in most of our programs). We look for mentors of all experience areas, levels and personal backgrounds. Our programs are flexible to be run virtually so you can mentor from anywhere in the world and across every discipline!

Our programs

We have programs to suit many different factors depending on you and what support you can provide for students. The commitment required for our mentoring programs range from several months to just a few hours, and intakes will vary throughout the year. Below is a summary and you can click on each program name to find out more.  

Program Length  About the Students / Mentees  About the Industry / Mentors Do Mentors need to be Alumni?  Program
Career Access Mentoring Typically, 2-4 x 45-minutes to 1-hour meetings over two months Students in this program come from all disciplines and must have completed one year of study to join the program. Students 'drive' the mentoring relationship after setting goals on what they would like to achieve with the program. This experience will be about building 'career confidence' and continuing career exploration.  Industry mentors have 3+ years' experience in industry and are happy to commit to a mentoring partnership over a few months.   No, anyone can participate as a mentor Usually twice each year (March and August) in line with University Semesters
International Alumni Mentoring Flexible Students in this program are current international students across a range of disciplines at the University of Adelaide. They are seeking guidance from Alumni who were also international students and 'in their shoes.' They are seeking a role model who can relate to their current situation. Students will 'drive' the mentoring relationship. Industry mentors are a University of Adelaide international alumni from a variety of disciplines, each looking to provide support specifically to international students currently studying at the University of Adelaide Yes  July (future programs 
"A Career Coffee With" 1x 90-minute meeting  A student in this program will have identified specific questions about industry. They are typically toward the end of their degree, highly focused and a 90-minute on-off session will be able to progress their career decision making without an ongoing commitment.  Industry mentors are asked to share knowledge into a specific topic to assist a student to 'move forward' with their career decision making.  No, anyone can participate as a mentor Any time
Bespoke Industry Mentoring Programs Flexible Students in these programs are part of a bespoke mentoring initiative co-created between the University and an industry partner. The specific cohort is agreed and the program structure is supported by the University's Mentoring Programs Coordinator.  Industry mentors are from a specific company or are members of a peak industry body. NA Flexible timeline to suit the industry partner

Existing Mentors

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New Mentors

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  1. First register as an individual in CareerHub
  2. Then complete a mentor profile form for the program that you would like to join. If you're unsure or would like to join multiple programs please reach out and we'll speak with you.

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