International Alumni Mentoring Program

Be connected with an International Alumnus who can provide mentoring support for your career

Mentoring support for international students

It has again been a challenging year for the whole world. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an uncertain economy and an exceptionally competitive graduate job market for university students. International students will need to put in additional time and effort to ensure that they are well placed for this challenging global job market.

As an international student do you have questions like these relating to your career?

  • How do I write a professional resume?
  • How do I source work experience?
  • How do I build connections with industry professionals?
  • How can I compare career options between Australia and my home country?
  • How is the COVID-19 pandemic influencing industry and the labour market?
  • Where should I start to look for job opportunities?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to talk with someone who has gone through a similar study experience and could offer advice about your career development?

With the assistance of our international alumni network and other industry professionals, we are very pleased to offer our International Alumni Mentoring and Career Access Mentoring programs, which will provide extra support and career guidance for international students at the University of Adelaide. As role models and mentors, our alumni and other industry mentors have so much to offer to our current students and can provide insights into successful study and job hunting.

The International Alumni Mentoring Program features many of our alumni who were our international students in the past and would like to contribute to the career development of current international students at the University of Adelaide. Mentors will be able to easily relate to your current situation and share appropriate advice.

This is a “mentee-driven” program. As a student, you will be expected to direct the conversation in the direction you want it to go. Meetings may be delivered virtually via Zoom or other live-chat applications as mentors may be based locally, interstate or internationally.

Hear From Our Mentors Hear From Our Students

  • The roles of mentor and mentee

    What is a mentor?

    Mentors can be thought of as coaches, advisers or counsellors; they can share advice and career insights to guide you on the path to success. As someone who has “been there before”, they will help you to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to get you there too. Mentors should not be thought of as a job provider.

    What is a mentee?

    A mentee is a proactive, committed and goal-oriented student that is willing to ask questions and allow the mentor to support them. Mentees must take responsibility for their own learning and development, define goals for their career and invest time and effort into realising these ambitions.

  • Eligibility and engagement requirements for International Alumni Mentoring

    In order to apply for this program, you must be an international student at the University of Adelaide:

    • If you are an undergraduate student, you need to have completed at least one year of study
    • If you are a postgraduate student, you can apply at any year level
    • Participants are available to meet their mentors (online or in person) over an approximate 8-week period, subject to any Covid-19 restrictions at the time. 

    Minimum engagement requirements for this program:

    • It is recommended that you have attended the program information session (or viewed the recording) before submitting a registration form.
    • It is assumed that you have read the handbook read the program handbook before approaching your mentor.
    • Conduct meeting e.g. via Zoom or other live-chat applications (recommend 45 minutes/meeting)
    • Prepare for and participate in a minimum of 2 meetings, up to 4 meetings based on your career development objectives and mentor’s availability. Any additional meetings are optional.
    • Set career goals for the program and monitor your learning outcomes.
    • Submit a meeting reflection form after each meeting.
    • Complete the program evaluation form after the last mentoring meeting.
  • What are the benefits of joining this program?

    There are many benefits of talking with a mentor, which include:

    • increased knowledge of industry trends and recruitment practices
    • learning more about the employment market in different industries and countries
    • gaining insights into how the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced the current job market and businesses
    • increasing awareness of what employers value and look for
    • boosting confidence to talk to employers and professionals
    • having more confidence in making your career decisions
    • understanding soft and hard skills preferred by industry

    Throughout the meeting, you can develop your interpersonal skills, professional communication and emotional intelligence, which are highly valued by employers from various sectors.

  • What are the responsibilities of mentees?

    This is a mentee-driven program. You get out what you put in!

    As a mentee, you need to take charge of your own career development and your mentoring experienceWe recommend that you clearly communicate your expectations, be open to different points of view, follow up on suggestions and reflect on what you have learnt. In this program, you are responsible for:

    • Initiating meeting
    • Discussing the meeting schedule and content
    • Setting up your career goals
    • Monitoring your learning outcomes

    Mentoring is a professional relationship, as such, you need to conduct yourself in an ethical and professional manner in this program. This includes maintaining communications with your mentor, being timely and punctual, and respectful.

  • Who will I be matched with?

    In the International Alumni Mentoring Program, you will be matched with an industry professional who:

    • may be an international alumnus of the University of Adelaide;
    • is willing to inspire and share experience with university international students
    • is based overseas, Adelaide or interstate. 

    Matching will carefully be conducted according to your preferences and goals stated on the registration forms, including cultural/academic background, desired career skills, target industries/organisations, or other areas that you might have in common with mentor.

  • What is required for virtual meeting(s)?

    The meeting between you and mentor may take place virtually. We recommend using Zoom as the priority application as all University of Adelaide students have access to Zoom technology.

    You are responsible for setting up a Zoom meeting and inviting your mentor for participation.  Please visit here for guidance using Zoom.

    If you meet any technical issues when using Zoom, please contact University ITDS (Information Technology and Digital Services) department for help. You can also choose other online live-chat applications, but please be aware of security risks to protect your privacy.

  • What support is available to me?

    • Career Services International Project team provides advice, resources and support for participants to assist them in making the most of the program, with the Career Mentoring Programs Coordinator (
  • Further FAQs

    What does program registration require?

    Complete a registration form in which you will be asked to fill out personal details and educational background, as well as answer questions about your career goals and what you would like to achieve through this program. It is assumed that you have read the program handbook.

    Places on this fabulous program are limited, and we cannot guarantee you the perfect match for your industry. Please try to give us as many specific details as you can on the registration form, and we will carefully consider the most appropriate industry mentor to match your goals and preferences.

    It’s also recommended that you attend a Career Services workshop to boost up your career readiness skills and get your resume ready before starting your very first meeting with your mentor in this program.   

    Is there a cost to participate?

    Mentors and mentees in this program are volunteers. There are no fees associated with the International Alumni Mentoring program. You may incur incidental costs, such as internet or mobile phone fees, etc., which cannot be reimbursed.

    What will I discuss with my mentor?

    As a student in a mentee-driven program, it is up to you to negotiate and set topics. Use this mentoring program as an opportunity to tailor meeting toward your current career goals or questions. Some topics that you may wish to discuss with your mentor include:

    • The career development journey of your mentor
    • How to be more employable while studying at the university as an international student
    • Industry trends and challenges
    • How the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the industry landscape
    • Networking and interview skills
    • Workplace insights – e.g. culture, professional conduct, how different business areas and roles rely on each other for business success, workplace conflict resolution, motivation and mind-set

    All participants will receive a program handbook, containing suggested topics and supplementary mentoring program information.

    Will I get work experience in these programs?

    No. Our mentoring programs are intended to assist you with your career development rather than job training. Whilst work experience or employment may be a future outcome of your mentoring relationship, this is not a requirement or expectation for our program. You should not expect your mentor to provide you with employment, work experience, volunteering, internships or placement opportunities.

    What happens at the end of the program?

    At your final meeting, you should discuss how and in what capacity your relationship may continue – e.g. only in a mentoring capacity or as a professional contact.