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Service status: no current outages

There are no current outages.

Visit the service status page for more details

Service status

Email Security

The University has upgraded its spam and malicious email filtering system. There is nothing you need to proactively do.

However, if you receive a “Message Held” notification, it means a suspicious email has been detected. The notification will explain the next steps, and our guides are always available for you to find out more.

Working from home?

Visit our working from home page for tips and tricks on preparing your workspace and getting connected to the UofA network.

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Digital Future: A Technology Strategy for the University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide has a new technology strategy, Digital Future. Drawing on engagement across the University, and delivered by ITDS, it provides critical support to the University’s Future Making strategic plan. Find out more about the vision for the University’s technology future here.

Service status

New Customer Experience

ITDS is going on a journey to improve your customer experience.

From mid-August 2021 the following items will change:
- Emails you receive from ITDS.
- ITDS customer portal website.
- The format of the ITDS surveys.
- Online Forms

If you would like to know more, have questions or feedback, please email snow_project@adelaide.edu.au

Latest news



Keeping your data and systems safe

New ways to protect University systems and information coming soon: Global Protect virtual private network and multi-factor authentication of HR systems



ServiceNow is coming!

From Vision to Value: Making it easier for the University to focus on learning and research



MyAdelaide latest release

Students can now generate and print full year enrolment confirmation letters for Centrelink.



New features in MyAdelaide

From May 2021 students can access information about their studies, view and edit student and emergency contact details and expected program completion, and print enrolment letters.


Staff intranet

Information for Information Technology and Digital Services staff members. 

Access staff intranet