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Tech tips: 'be you' with a pic

picture of a camera

Thanks to technology, we have many ways to connect remotely, but the personal touch is still important. Using profile pics on your email profile and other platforms can make a big difference. 

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Tech tips: energy efficiency

Five light bulbs all turned on at once

Whether at home or work, there are plenty of simple steps you can take to make your equipment more energy efficient and reduce energy use, such as through changes to computer settings, as well as your own day-to-day habits.

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Tech tips: Smart printing

Mac laptop and printer on a desk at home

When you think about printing, or preparing a document that may be printed, think about ink use (and wastage), and use these tips to help reduce ink use.

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Cyber safety vigilance

IT Acceptable Use and Security policy

Recent stories in the news have highlighted the importance of vigilance against cyber threats targeting major organisations in Australia. 

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Beware of COVID-19 phishing

Painting of a fish about to bit a hook

Scammers regularly seek to capitalise on topical issues to trap people into responding to fake emails, text messages and ads.

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Tech Tips: managing alerts and notifications


With a lot of technology tools and applications at our disposal, sometimes the alerts, notifications, updates and news we receive can feel like overload. And with many of us increasingly using some of the same devices for personal and work use, this can mean being diverted from our lives outside work by work-related messages and information, and the converse.

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Important Zoom update

Person videoconferencing on laptop

Got Zoom? Make sure that you have updated to Zoom 5.0 or higher.

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Tech Tips: Accessing VPN - if you need it!

A close-up of wires on the high performance computer

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows us to create a secure connection from home to our University network over the Internet. It is a way for us to protect sensitive data and provide us with privacy in the work that we do because it encrypts what we send and receive. 

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Tech Tips: Working from home

Man sitting at a table at home working on a laptop

There are a range of helpful tools that can support you to work and collaborate with colleagues from home.

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Tech Tips: Forwarding work calls to an external number

Picture of a woman sitting at a desk with a phone

Working offsite? You don’t have to miss calls to your work number: you can have them forwarded to an external number.

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