Message from the CIO

Bev Wright is the University's Chief Information Officer

Welcome to Information Technology and Digital Services at the University of Adelaide!

With the University’s Strategic Plan, Future Making, now released, the Information Technology and Digital Services (ITDS) team is in full swing defining our highest priorities for the delivery of the vision outlined across the Five Pillars to Excellence. During the planning process of our new strategic objectives, we will not lose sight of our existing operational goal: to deliver a host of improvements for world-class learning and teaching support, for an optimal student experience, for the highest quality research activity, and for systems that support all aspects of administrative efficiency around the University.

The ITDS team are focused on effectively meeting our customer needs and forging strong partnerships with customers across the University. We will continue to strive to offer cutting edge IT services and deliver sector-leading service standards for the benefit of our staff and students.

We do this in support of a global 21st century university for South Australia.


Bev Wright