Removal of ITDS and MyUni Support Email Channels

MyIT is a cloud-based ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) platform. It helps organisations manage their IT service requests, including Service Desk functionality with in-built workflows to ensure that issues are handled appropriately from first contact to resolution.

Building on our MyIT Portal and utilising its workflows, we will be switching off the ability to log new tickets and update existing tickets with the Service Desk and ITDS via our email addresses and with MyUni Support (, to give you a more enhanced experience via our MyIT portal and reduce the inefficiencies involved with providing email support.

From 14 December 2022, new emails to ITDS or MyUni Support will no longer generate new tickets, and email replies to updated ticket will no longer carry across into ServiceNow. New tickets and updates to tickets need to occur within the MyIT Portal.

  • Why are we switching off email

    Email support is a very inefficient way to provide quality IT support. The volumes we receive, and in most instances the lack of content provided, means we spend a lot of time trying to determine what an email enquiry is about. 

    In fact, on average it takes the Service Desk around two days to respond to a new email enquiry, then another two days for us to resolve your problem, with several back-and-forth emails in between. That's four days on average to get the help you need!

    In contrast, tickets that are logged via our MyIT Portal are usually actioned within two business hours and in most instances, are resolved within one or two business days. You also have the benefit of seeing updates to your tickets in real time, utilising our Live Chat service and submitting requests from our standard offerings of services - which we will be expanding over the coming months!

    If you're enquiry is more urgent a phone call to the Service Desk is even more efficient. We can gather all the information we need from you up front, and we resolve over 80% of enquiries at the first point of call!

    That gets you back up and running with Technology much faster!

  • What email addresses are affected

    The following emails addresses will no longer accept creation of new tickets, or updates via email reply to existing tickets. To log a new ticket with either ITDS or MyUni Support or update a current open ticket, please use the MyIT Portal.

  • What if I prefer to send emails

    We understand that some people may still prefer to use email to get their IT support. Whilst we will be removing the ability to get support via email, there is a way to still get the content to us if you need. 

    When logging into the MyIT portal and navigating to the "request something" page, you have the ability to log a ticket with the Service Desk if you cannot find a relevant catalog item. Simply use the "Something's not Working" option if you need to report an issue, or the "Something Else" option for everything else. You can add all your details and add attachments if required.

    If you need to log a ticket against a business application, such as the CRM, PeopleSoft or Content Manager, please use the Application catalog items under the "Software" category and select the correct application from the list. 

    Be sure to call us though if it's urgent so we can get you the support you need!

  • What changes to expect

    Between now and the end of 2022, you'll start to see some slight changes with how you interact with ITDS. New tickets created, or any updates to an existing ticket will still send you an update to your email address, however it will no longer include any content. 

    To view the details of your ticket, or to add updates, you will be provided a clickable link that will take you directly your ticket where you can see the full details, history of any updates and provide more information if required. You can even close out a ticket yourself if you no longer require any support!

  • What if I can't find what I need in the MyIT portal

    We'll be expanding on the offering within MyIT over the coming months and adding even more content, user guides and automated workflows to enhance on the user experience and get you what you need more quickly.

    If you can't find what you are looking for within MyIT you can simply use the "Something's not Working" option if you need to report an issue, or the "Something Else" option for everything else. You can add all your details and add attachments if required.

    If something is urgent, please call us so we can treat your enquiry or problem as a priority.

  • What if I'm unable to log in and cannot call the Service Desk

    If you are having difficulty accessing your account and are unable to call, such as international students or external people without a login, a webform is accessible from the "Contact Us" section our website.

    Please note, we will only be creating tickets from people with genuine access issues from this webform, other submissions for assistance will be disregarded.