ITDS offers training for staff members of the University through a variety of methods.

We also offer innovative training design services and can deliver an exciting range of learning materials to help make your project rollout, system upgrade, or other training event a success.

Training to help you work from home

If you're not used to working off-site, the following short sessions are held online and will give you a chance to learn new skills and ask any questions you may have:

We're building new combinations to help people work in new circumstances. In the meantime, you can also visit the Working From Home With Technology page and download the technology tips for working from home guide  to help get you started.

Courses available

  • Aurora: managing publications

    Aurora is the University's web-based system for capturing and reporting research publications, outputs, professional activities and profile information.

    Click the link to find more information about the course on offer:

    For self help materials, see the Aurora Support page.

  • Cognos: business intelligence

    Cognos is a business intelligence tool for gathering, storing, analysing and providing access to data to help users make better business decisions.

    Click the links to find more information about the courses on offer:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

    Oracle Service Cloud CRM enables customer-facing teams across the University to easily share and record information about our customers and our interactions with them. This promotes better customer service as the next interaction with a customer can be more easily tailored to their specific situation through viewing their interaction history.

    Staff who require access to the CRM must complete the Working with CRM online training available through MyUni. 

    Complete the request form to get access to the online courses:

    Request access to online courses

    Courses on offer:

    • Working with the CRM
    • Mailouts

    If you would like to do a refresher of any of the CRM training, please see the MyUni course. If you cannot access this course please request access to online courses. 

  • Figshare

    Figshare is an online digital repository where researchers can preserve and share research outputs, including figures, datasets, software/code, images, videos, posters and presentations.

    Click the link to find more information about the course on offer:

    For self help materials, see the Figshare Support page.

  • FreezerPro (Biobank)

    FreezerPro is Biobank's laboratory information management system. See the Biobank website for more information about the facility.

    Training provided is only available to staff who will have the role of Researcher in FreezerPro.

    To book, please contact the Biobank Manager

  • HPE Content Manager

    HPE Content Manager is the University's recordkeeping system, supported by Records Services and used by staff across the University to manage the records created in the course of their work.

    Staff who require access to HPE Content Manager training must complete a license application. Please contact Records Services by phone on 8313 5334 or email if you need assistance.

    License application

    Courses on offer:

    • Mandatory training
    • Action tracking for exams

    Check the HPE Content Manager webpage for more information.

  • LabArchives

    LabArchives is a University-wide Electronic Research Notebook (ERN) solution that can improve quality, collaboration, accessibility, searchability, security, and efficiency when capturing research data.

    Introductory training webinars are run weekly by the Australian LabArchives support team. Click the link to find more information about the course on offer:

    For self help materials, see the LabArchives Support page.

  • Mailman: mailing list management

    University email lists are managed via an online application called Mailman.

    Click the links to find more information about the online course, forms and support materials on offer:

  • Microsoft Office curated materials

    We offer a curated set of online materials, which are available through MyUni and open for self-enrolment. The course materials include help guides, blogs, videos, and the odd practice file. Start at the beginning and work your way through, or dip in and out - it's up to you! Click the links to self-enrol:

  • MyUni: learning management system

    MyUni is the University's learning management system. We offer MyUni training and support materials for academic and professional staff members who need to manage or create content for courses.

    Click the links to find more information about the courses:

    For more support information, check below:

  • PeopleSoft Campus Solutions: student administration

    PeopleSoft Campus Solutions is the module of PeopleSoft used to manage all things student administration.

    Staff who require access to the training must complete the System Access request form, selecting the training and access required. 

    System access request form

    Courses on offer:

    • Introduction to Student Administration (mandatory and pre-requisite to moving on to other courses)
    • Credit Transfer
    • Local Admissions
    • Enrolments
    • Course Catalogue
    • Adding Instructors to MyUni
    • Merging Courses in MyUni
    • Class Scheduling
    • Enter and Post Grades
    • Exam Requests
    • Graduations - Faculty Validation (pre-requisite for Graduations – Add a Completion Row)
    • Graduations – Add a Completion Row (Graduation Faculty Validation is pre-requisite for this)

    If you would like to do a refresher of any of the student administration PeopleSoft training, or access Quick Reference Guides and resources, please see the MyUni course. If you cannot access the course, complete the system access request form. 

  • Recruitment and contract renewals: HR business applications and processes

    This online training includes elements of the recruitment process completed through AppoINT, CAPS, and PageUp (coming soon).

    Please email the HR Service Centre to get access to the Recruit and Renew online course:

    Email HR

    If you would like to do a refresher of any of the HR Recruit and Renew training, please see the MyUni course. If you cannot access this course please email the HR Service Centre.

  • Researcher profiles

    Researcher profiles increase the visibility of researchers and the valuable work they undertake.

    Click the link to find more information about the course on offer:

    For self help materials, see the Researcher Profiles Support page.

  • Syllabus Plus: timetabling

    Syllabus Plus is the system used to manage student timetabling across the University.

    The Syllabus Plus face to face course is available to timetabling staff members only. The course is run in four sessions, and all four must be attended to complete this training.

    To book into all four courses:

    1. Go to the Course Booking system
    2. Search for "Syllabus Plus Enterprise"
    3. Book yourself into or Register your interest for all four sessions.

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