Records Services

The creation and proper management of records is central to the success of the University's learning, teaching, research, and administration activities.

As a publicly funded institution, the University must maintain a reliable "institutional memory", produce evidence of its activities and decision-making, and retain an authentic record of its contributions to education, research, academic pursuits, and the wider community.

All staff, volunteers, titleholders, visitors, adjuncts, affiliates, research students, and University-controlled entities are responsible for the creation, capture and management of University records, including research data. Recordkeeping fundamentals briefly explains your responsibilities.

Records Services supports good recordkeeping by providing timely, cost-effective services that include:

  • professional advice and assistance
  • centralised file storage and retrieval
  • electronic document management by means of the University's recordkeeping system, HPE Content Manager (formerly TRIM and HPRM)
  •  educational and outreach programs.

Find out more from our popular services section below, or contact Records Services, phone (08) 8313 5334

Request a new file

Records Services creates all new files. Multiple files can also be requested.

Lodge a legal document

A legal document is a record of the assets, legal interests and obligations of the University or its entities. You can lodge these in electronic or paper form.

Request access to security groups

Security groups are created in HPE Content Manager to restrict access to records. New groups can be created, members added/removed and details changed.

Request access to the University's recordkeeping system

To obtain a HPE Content Manager licence, an application form is required. Applications are free and training is provided.

Know what to do with the papers in your office

Whether you are planning an office move or tidy-up, get advice and support to ensure the papers in your office are managed in line with University policy.

Records Policy

The University's Records Policy covers administrative, academic and research records.