Key Principles Of Library Use

Creating a safe, welcoming and inspirational environment for all.

The Library holds a special place in the heart of the University of Adelaide staff and students, and we strive to make a library that is safe, inspirational and inclusive. To help us create that space, all library users are required to abide by the library's terms of service.

  • Terms of service

    By using our services, you are agreeing to these terms. Please read them carefully. Please note that the library may suspend or stop providing services to you if you do not comply with our terms or policies, or if we are investigating suspected misconduct. If you would like more information please contact an Ask Library team member. All users must abide by the University By-Laws.

    University of Adelaide staff and students can use their ID card to borrow from the library or to access online resources.

    Other members of the library, such as Community members or Year 12 students, will be issued with a library card which can be used to borrow from the library. Access to online resources will vary according to individual licence agreements. 

    Your access to our services is not transferable to anyone else.

    Study areas 

    Study areas in all libraries are generally designated as “Quiet Study”. This means that quiet, brief discussions are tolerated, but prolonged and/or loud discussions that disturb other users’ ability to study are not. 

    Some areas are designated as a “Quiet Collaborative” areas where quiet discussion is permitted.

    Please refer to signs in the libraries, or ask a member of library staff, to help you find the study space that is right for you. Find out more on places to study.

    Note that there are no “silent” study areas.

    On the North Terrace campus, Hub Central is recommended for noisier discussion and collaborative study.

    In all areas, mobile phones must be on silent or turned off for incoming calls and text messages. For anything other than text messaging or brief, quiet conversations, please use your phone in the library stairwells or outside the library.

    Bookable spaces within the Library

    Users who use a bookable space within the Library without having made a booking will be asked to vacate the space immediately, even if it is not booked by another party.

    Any booking clashes will be resolved by Ask Library staff. Ask Library staff will endeavor to accommodate existing bookings in alternative spaces within the library, or on an alternative day. In the event of a bookings clash that can not be resolved, the library reserves the right to cancel one or all bookings.

    Food and drink in the libraries

    Library users are welcome to eat cold food and snacks (including fruit) and to have drinks, both hot and cold, in containers with lids or caps. 

    No hot or greasy food is permitted.

    Food and drink is not permitted in the Special Collections Reading Room.

    When eating or drinking, please ensure library collections, equipment, and facilities are protected.

    Please be considerate of other users and assist with keeping libraries in good condition by placing all rubbish in bins, advising library staff of any spills, and leaving library spaces free of litter.

  • Library rules and policies

    A range of policies and guidelines underpin the library use principles and Terms of Service.