Learning & Teaching Principles

Students in the library

The University Library's Learning & Teaching Principles align our activities with the strategic direction of the University.

The principles act as a blueprint for the Library's learning and teaching activities. They provide guidance for collaborating with academics and other partners to equip students with the skills they need to thrive. The principles showcase the Library's commitment to student-focused learning.

The 6 Principles

Principle Student experience
Relevance Students will be taught transferrable information, media and data literacy skills that are relevant both to study and employability, in a manner that recognises the changing information landscape.
Collaboration Students will benefit from the library partnering with appropriate collaborators in content development and will actively contribute to the creation of their own learning material.
Flexibility Students will experience a mix of blended and online learning, discover content effortlessly and be able to self-direct their learning, using content in a personalised, just-in-time and proactive manner.
Accessibility Students will have equitable access to information, media and data skills content.
Innovation Students will experience creative, high quality learning opportunities, driven by advances in technology and new modes of delivery.
Evaluation Students will access content that is high quality, developed using evidence based practice and is constantly evaluated and evolved.