Places to Study

Student studying in the library Level 1

Our libraries provide a great range of spaces to suit all study preferences.

These include quiet and group spaces which support BYOD, such as bookable computers, individual study carrels, and discussion rooms.

Level 3 of the Barr Smith Library is also available 24/7 for study access with a University ID card.

Find your favourite study area or facility

  • Book a space

    University students and staff are able to book meeting rooms, computers, and study booths. This service is in place to promote fair use of our facilities for all users. Bookings are available for up to three hours a day.

    Book a study space

    For help with making a booking, or general enquiries about our spaces, please contact Ask Library.

  • Quiet study zones

    Each library has a range of different quiet study areas where you can really focus on your work. This includes:

    • Individual study carrels and tables
    • Meeting rooms
    • Computer workstations
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student rooms with a computer (Law Library only)
    • The Reading Room (Barr Smith Library only)

    Book a study space

  • Group discussion zones

    Each library has a range of spaces for group study, including:

    • Group study tables
    • Discussion rooms
    • Meeting rooms
    • Seminar room
    • Lounge areas
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student rooms with a computer (Law Library only)

    Book a study space

  • Computers

    Computers are available at all of our libraries. Most require a University ID login for access, and are available on a first come, first served basis. It is also possible to book a computer online.

    The Barr Smith Library also has designated computers for music students, which have the Sibelius notation software installed. 

    Across all libraries, you will also find Public PCs, which are limited to 60 minutes use only and do not require a login. These provide access to Library Search and a wide range of our electronic resources. 

  • Seminar, meeting rooms, and workshop spaces

    The library has a range of spaces available for group discussion, seminars, and workshops, including:

    Book a space

  • Barr Smith recording studio

    The Barr Smith Library (BSL) Recording Studio is a self-service recording facility, accessible to all University of Adelaide staff. It is located on Level 2 South of the BSL, and is managed by Learning Enhancement and Innovation (LEI).

    The room is bookable - further information available on the LEI website.

  • Barr Smith Library edit suites

    The Bar Smith Library (BSL) Edit Suites are located directly across from the BSL Recording Studio, on Level 2 South. They are managed by Learning Enhancement and Innovation (LEI) and are bookable - further information available on the LEI website.

  • Writing studio

    The Writing Studio is primarily home to creative writing classes and workshops, and is the result of close collaboration with the Faculty of Arts.

    This space, located on Level 2 of the Barr Smith Library, is also available for quiet study when not in use.

Alternatively, discover the types of study spaces and facilities available at each library.

All library users are required to abide by the library's terms of service.