Video & Self Service Facilities

Video production

The Media Production Team provides video production support for learning video content to be used in both campus based and online delivery. To see examples of the types of video production support available, see the video production exemplar video below.

The Media Production team can help you with:

  • Studio self-service facilities including lightboard access
  • On-location videos and case studies
  • On-location interview videos
  • Drone footage videos
  • Multimedia presentations including interactive 360-degree virtual tours and interactive videos

Self-service facilities

There are a number of self-service facilities available on campus (North Terrace) to assist University of Adelaide staff to film and edit their own learning video content. 

  • Barr Smith Library Recording Studio

    The Barr Smith Library (BSL) recording studio is a self-service video recording facility, accessible by all University of Adelaide staff and is located in the Barr Smith Library on Level 2.

    At the Barr Smith Library recording studio, you can:

    • record a “talking head” style learning video on green screen or flat colour 
    • capture a pre-prepared presentation as a picture-in-picture or by using the live key (for example a PowerPoint presentation)
    • deliver engaging illustrated or technical content using a lightboard, or
    • host a panel discussion or interview.

    The studio has an inbuilt PC that can be used for controlling your presentation, or you can bring your own device which you can connect through an HDMI input. 

    Remember, all you need to get started is a blank USB 2.0 stick (8G - 32G) to record your video content to, water to keep hydrated and your pre-prepared and rehearsed learning content! 

  • Barr Smith Library edit suites

    The Barr Smith Library edit suites (BSL229) are situated directly across from the Barr Smith Library recording studio on Level 2 of Barr Smith Library.

    There are 2 iMac computers available which have software installed to edit and produce multimedia content for learning delivery. Each machine is ready to use and includes the following installed software:

    Before you get started, watch this short “how to” video which will guide you through the process of using the BSL229 edit suites. 

  • How to book a self-service facility

    Use your Outlook calendar to check facility availability and to make a booking. For the BSL recording studio add ‘barrsmithlibraryrecordingstudio’ to a calendar invite, and for the BSL229 edit suites add either ‘bsl229edit1’ or ‘bsl229edit2’. Once the facility is added, you will be able to see the availability by clicking on 'Scheduling'. Some of the key things to remember are:

    • bookings are for a maximum of 2 hours
    • same-day bookings will NOT be accepted
    • bookings are tentative until they have been accepted/confirmed by a delegate of the Media Production Team
    • contact if you require any assistance with your booking
    • to access the BSL recording studio - access cards can be collected from the Barr Smith Library Information Desk, you will need your staff ID and booking confirmation
    • to access the BSL229 edit suites - access keys can be collected from a member of the Media Production team in the Barr Smith Library Recording Studio at the start of your booking time.