LEI Grants 2021

The Learning Enhancement and Innovation grant scheme is designed to foster best practice approaches in learning and teaching.

LEI Grants are intended to amplify academic and student engagement within existing learning and teaching initiatives. Grants are available to University of Adelaide staff (note: LEI staff are not eligible to receive an LEI grant) and students engaged in collaborative investigation, experimentation, implementation, and/or evaluation of effective learning and teaching practices with LEI.

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This year, to make the most of the funds available, LEI will be targeting staff and students to engage (or who are already engaged) in priority strategic learning and teaching initiatives (e.g. mixed cohort pilot, innovative assessment, learning technologies roadmap) where the funds would support them to maintain and/or amplify their contribution.

Identified staff and students will be contacted and nominated for a Grant through completion of the Grant Application form. Grant Applications are then submitted to the Director LEI (Mr Travis Cox) via leigrants@adelaide.edu.au for consideration. Applications are reviewed by the Director LEI and are also shared with the relevant Faculty DDLT for comment. Recommended nominations are then provided by the Director LEI to the PVC(SL) for endorsement.

Nominations must include the following information within the grant application (see application form for full details):

  • A clear engagement plan (i.e. how the nominee will be collaborating/contributing).
  • How this engagement aligns with/within a prioritised and/or active initiative within LEI.
  • How the funds would support the nominee to actively contribute to the identified initiative.

Funds have been allocated to the scheme, with a maximum of $3,000 for any single nomination. Funds may be used for learning technologies (software, devices, and services), student salary, or external evaluation/analysis. Travel, conferences, and other costs are not eligible for grant funding but may be noted as matching funds.

Please refer to the application document for full details of the LEI Grant process and requirements.

Please direct any questions to leigrants@adelaide.edu.au.


Key dates

Nominations open – from 14 April to 29 October 2021

All grant funding must be expended by 10 December 2021