Haide College

Haide College is a transnational education partnership between the University of Adelaide and Ocean University of China, aiming to provide a unique University of Adelaide learning experience to Ocean University students.

A student in front of a laptop

Who are Haide College students?

Haide College students are currently studying at their home institution in China. They are simultaneously undertaking courses from their home institution, including English language courses. Students are English as an additional language (EAL) students who possess varying levels of English skills and are working toward achieving an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score of 6.5 to transition to the University of Adelaide in their third (or greater) year of study.

What the experience for Haide College students is like?

Broadly, the Adelaide learning experience for Haide College students is engagingstudent-centredactive and applied. Students are encouraged to participate actively in class discussions and engage with the self-paced online activities built specifically for every course in the program.

Both live sessions and online activities are designed to provide opportunities for student interaction and collaboration as they apply theoretical concepts to real-life scenarios. Students are provided with opportunities to demonstrate their learning through inquiry-based activities and authentic assessment design.

University of Adelaide academics use a student-centred approach to teaching to ensure ongoing interaction with the student cohort and guide them through their learning experience.

What is unique about the course design for the Haide College project?

University of Adelaide academics, educational experts and learning designers have partnered to develop courses specifically selected for the Haide College project. The LEI team at the University of Adelaide aims to implement effective educational practice and innovative pedagogical design of Haide courses in the online space and the live teaching sessions.

Course and assessment design will set Haide students up for success in their further studies at the University of Adelaide in the final years of their undergraduate degrees and in Master’s programs.

Content, design elements and innovative pedagogical approaches arising from the Haide College collaborative project will feed back into the local University of Adelaide course offerings. Academic integrity and student accessibility remain key ideologies in the development of all Haide College courses. All courses developed for the project are equivalent to 3 units of University of Adelaide credit each and are classified as either practical or theory-based courses.

The courses are designed to scaffold the learning experience by encouraging students to build increasing complex skills, from recall to understanding to application. Explicit connections within discipline areas and across multiple disciplines make for comprehensive learning experience.