Learning Design


The Learning Design teams facilitate, explore, design, and develop blended learning opportunities, which include the use of MyUni and related learning technologies.

We have expertise in designing effective, innovative, and active student learning experiences, specialising in the constructive alignment of content to outcomes, from full program re/design to course re/design to assessment and or specific sequences of learning. 

We deliver this through direct consultation, structured co-design workshops, presentations, and informal ad hoc conversations. We take a collaborative approach and act as connectors between academic staff in faculties and LEI services and initiatives. Together, we create consistent, quality, and relevant learning experiences for University of Adelaide students.

We can assist with:

  • Constructive alignment
  • Course design/redesign
  • Learning activity design
  • Assessment design
  • Course design evaluation


LEI’s Principles of Learning Design

These are the fundamental principles that guide the learning design practices in LEI, across teams and projects.  

  1. We create learning experiences that are powerful, meaningful, engaging and interactive when appropriate.
  2. We scaffold learning so that it is relevant to students and facilitates their learning journey.
  3. We collaborate with students and experts, drawing on their perspectives and expertise to produce high-quality cutting-edge learning experiences.
  4. We support current and evidence-based practices that position pedagogy as the driver of implementing learning technologies to enhance student outcomes.
  5. We work holistically and flexibly, continuously improving our learning design practices and learning technologies capability. 

Our major projects that demonstrate our processes and best design practices: