Professional and Continuing Education (PACE)


The PACE Project Team design and build online short courses (OSCs) and micro-credentials in partnership with stakeholders through the University of Adelaide's Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) Unit.

An expanding suite of PACE offerings enables the University of Adelaide to engage with a broadened student market to support contemporary industry, community and government needs.  A strategic and targeted approach supports the transformational efforts of the University to achieve growth in new areas and to widen and enhance its reputation as an innovative provider of quality education that is both accessible and relevant to a broad and diverse range of students.

Online Short Courses

  • Our Approach

    We utilise a strategic and collaborative approach to course design and development.

    Opportunities and prioritisation 
    The PACE Unit works with internal and external stakeholders to identify opportunities and prioritise courses for design and development.

    Once a course has been prioritised for design and development, the PACE Project Team works with stakeholders to scope the project and establish preliminary expectations. Projects can range from basic instructional design through to complex multimedia and interactive learning elements.

    Design and development
    The PACE Project Team employs an iterative and evidence-based process to design and develop courses in partnership with stakeholders, including subject matter experts. We utilise proven storyboarding processes, evidence-based learning design principles and quality standards to ensure student needs and University of Adelaide policy requirements are met.

  • Stakeholder Engagement

    Stakeholder engagement is crucial to the PACE Project Team being able to successfully design and develop high quality OSCs and micro-credentials. 

    Our PACE Project Engagement Model outlines the way in which we work with stakeholders through an iterative design and development process, underpinned by principles of inclusion, respect, communication and continuous improvement.

  • Capability Development

    The PACE Project Team is committed to supporting stakeholders to develop their capabilities in all aspects of online course design, teaching and facilitation. Through the design and development process, we provide opportunities for stakeholders to identify areas for development and to engage with useful resources and tools.

  • Meet the Team

    Colleen Ortega - Manager, Learning Enhancement
    Cecily Wright - Learning Designer
    Laura Airey - Learning Designer
    Alexis Milligan - Course Builder
    Valerie Hughes - Course Builder
    Rick Parmenter – Course Builder

Get in touch

If you want to explore an opportunity for an online short course or micro-credential, or you want to see what PACE offerings are already available, please visit the PACE website in the first instance.