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Free to study and interactive, these courses provide learners from around the world access to the University of Adelaide’s excellence and expertise in specific disciplinary areas.

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Browse the AdelaideX library of free online courses available in a variety of subjects. The courses are delivered through the edX platform.


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Big Data MicroMasters Program

Learn how to transform big data into business insights and solutions as you learn essential data science skills and tools to advance your career.

Big Data MicroMasters

MathTrackX XSeries Program

MathTrackX is the University of Adelaide's year 12 maths bridging program. This program will help learners develop the skills and confidence to apply mathematical concepts in the real world.

MathTrackX XSeries Program

Latest news from AdelaideX

(Re)Designing Online Lectures

The rapid and chaotic response to the COVID-19 pandemic in the learning and teaching space is something that should be applauded and learned from. The side effects of rapidly flipping face-to-face courses to online delivery modes has meant that (understandably) - not all of the consideration, time and quality assurance we’d usually give to a learning experience has taken place. 

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What can we do about reviving languages and why it matters

To celebrate the release of this new book, Revivalistics: From the Genesis of Israeli to Language Reclamation in Australia and Beyond, we spoke to Professor Ghil’ad Zuckermann about what inspired his love for revivalistics, how the events of 2020 will impact language revival and what needs to be done to stop languages from becoming extinct.

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AdelaideX reaches 1 million MOOC enrolments!

The University of Adelaide’s open digital learning initiative, AdelaideX has been providing access to free online education pathways for learners worldwide since 2015.

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The 5 characteristics of good project managers

Project management is an essential skillset for many careers and used in many contexts in our lives. But what does it take to be a good project manager?

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What we’ve learned from making MOOCs remotely

As part of the response to COVID-19, the Online Programs Team had to move away from campus, their office and production space and learn how to make MOOCs remotely.  Here is what was learned in the process. 



Making maths accessible to everyone: A Q&A with Dr Melissa Humphries

Dr Melissa Humphries is Lecturer from the School of Mathematical Sciences and also a Course Instructor in the new MathTrackX XSeries Program. 



6 Reasons to Buy Local Food

Did you know that what you eat, and where it comes from, can really make a difference? Whether you choose to believe it or not, what you eat and where it comes from has a huge impact on your health, your community, the economy and the environment.



Future Faces of Agribusiness

The Centre for Global Food and Resources at the University of Adelaide is creating future leaders in Agribusiness through their two postgraduate Masters programs: Master of Agribusiness and Master of Global Food and Agricultural Business. We spoke with three of these Master’s students about their studies and their career plans.



Graduate Spotlight: Alex Mader – Audio Engineer at Disk Edits

Meet Alex Mader, a graduate of the University of Adelaide. Since graduating, he has spent the last 4 years working at Disk Edits as an Audio Engineer. 



Student Spotlight: Human Reproduction with Rhaneela Punitham

Meet University of Adelaide student, Rhaneela Punitham. She is in her final year of university, studying a Bachelor of Health Sciences/Bachelor of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, with majors in microbiology/immunology, pharmacology and statistics.