Gradescope Pilot

One of the key challenges in the delivery of digital assessment to students in discipline areas containing mathematical symbols, equations or diagrams and computer coding or programming is maintaining academic integrity. Authentication and authenticity in assessment has been a delicate balance for those teaching mathematical and computing courses.


The University of Adelaide is seeking to expand the suite of tools available to support these uniquely identified discipline needs. Supporting robust and rigorous assessment design and practice, whilst achieving graduate attributes remains a key objective. Gradescope has been identified as a tool which provides real time authentication of student authorship whilst ensuring consistency in marking practices, analysis of effectiveness of assessment design, and the ability to identify barriers to key concepts in student learning.

About Gradescope

Gradescope integrates directly into MyUni (Canvas) to provide a digital solution for assessments requiring mathematical symbols, equations or diagrams and computer programming or coding assessment tasks. Gradescope supports handwritten assessment tasks, which can be uploaded by students in real time.

Gradescope utilises Artificial Intelligence (AI) to batch answers to questions, significantly reducing overheads in marking time for staff and supporting rapid and robust feedback to students to promote learning and increase engagement. 

Gradescope provides authentication and veracity of student authorship, as it tracks the full lifecycle of a student’s individual contributions toward an assessment task. Data is captured throughout an assessment, enabling point in time review of authorship. Gradescope delivers similarity checking capability for computer programming or coding assessment items ensuring academic integrity.

As a digital assessment tool, Gradescope supports marking at scale, including dynamic marking for consistent marking practices, ensuring equitable assessment outcomes for students. Student feedback is provided seamlessly to students, supporting the achievement of critical learning outcomes.

Learning insights are provided via detailed learning analytics, supporting refinements in assessment design and immediate identification of and responses to barriers to student learning. Integration with MyUni (Canvas) ensures ease of grade management and release to students.

Pilot Timeline

The first phase of the pilot of Gradescope was conducted in S2 2021. An extended pilot will be run for courses from disciplines of Chemistry, Physics and Biological Sciences in 2022.

We are seeking expressions of interest from interested academic staff to participate in the extended pilot.

During the pilot period, feedback will be collected from both staff and students to inform a recommendation on further adoption of Gradescope for learning and teaching purposes.

Course Experiences

As part of the pilot, a presentation will be scheduled to share the experiences piloting Gradescope.


Expression of Interest

If you would like to join the trial, please send a request to LEI via, you will be guided on how to access the tool in your course and provided with training and support.