Who are we?

Learning Enhancement & Innovation are a collaborative team that empowers teachers to teach and students to learn by providing expert insight into innovative learning and teaching practices and technologies.

Our values are the fundamental principles we live by every day as a unit:



Pedagogically driven

It's not just about technology, it's about pedagogy. Learner outcomes are what is most important to us. If it looks flash but isn't fit for purpose, it's not good enough for us. Every decision we make is with the end user in mind; the student.



In order to find best practice solutions, we need to first experiment with what is available and within scope to us, and we do this through pilots and trials. We have an undying curiosity to find out what might be possible.



We know the best outcomes are achieved through collaboration. This is why we bring brilliant and diverse minds together to gather varied insights and challenge the way we think about solving problems. Co-creation with Students as Partners plays an integral role in our practices.



Working within the technology and innovation space, our environment is fluid. Our approach is always flexible and adaptable, allowing us to effectively solve challenges that face educators and learners.



We make decisions and recommendations based on research, facts and analytical data. For us, evidence is essential in informing best practice.