Year Round Teaching

What is Year Round Teaching?

The SET Team in Learning Enhancement and Innovation is supporting the Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology (SET) to revitalise the delivery of selected programs to better reflect the needs of postgraduate students.

All core courses and many elective courses in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and Cyber Security are moving to a trimester offering in 2022, with intensive offerings to follow.

What are the benefits for our students?

The new trimester program offers more flexibility to enable students to balance work and study, explore industry opportunities, engage with clubs and societies, shape their own experience and enjoy university life to the fullest.  

Flexible study plans can provide greater choices and combinations of courses to match the expectations and requirements of adult learners. Both domestic and international students can now adjust the number of courses taken per enrollment period, provided they complete their qualifications within the allowed time. Nested qualifications allow students to meet their study goals efficiently and expand their skill sets by articulating to the next level of study.  

What are the benefits for the industry?

The industry can get early access to graduates through internships or industry-aligned projects. A lot of projects are refocused on Work Integrated Learning (WIL) and can become a career pathway for many students. Micro-credentials can be utilised for continuous professional development and help quickly up-skill or re-skill existing or potential employees.

What are the benefits for the University of Adelaide?

Overall, this project intends to allow for high-quality courses to be delivered across programs offered at the University of Adelaide. Utilising this blended-intensive approach, programs are better positioned for remote or offshore teaching in the future. Many courses can be redeployed as short courses or micro-credentials which improves staff and resource utilisation over the year.

Who is involved in the Year Round Teaching project?

University of Adelaide academics, educational experts and learning designers have partnered to develop courses for this project. The LEI team at the University of Adelaide aims to utilise a blended-intensive teaching approach, which involves intensive face-to-face teaching supported by online learning and focuses on authentic learning experiences and assessment types. Effective collaboration between academic staff and the LEI team allows bringing wide-ranging expertise to apply best teaching practices to design courses that set students up for success in their future professional life.