Program Enhancement Partnerships


Enhancing programs through course design

  • Program-centric team based approach to course design
  • working across multiple courses in learning activity design and blended design models to support course and program outcomes
  • Development of educational resources and assistance implementing evaluation recommendations


Programs selected for Program Enhancement Partnership (PEP) are provided with dedicated LEI resources over a period of six to eight weeks (or as negotiated) to deliver a detailed course/s design/redesign including resources to develop learning interactives and video content.

PEP is a unique opportunity to collaborate with a professional team and work concurrently on clusters of courses within a Program (3-5 courses in a cluster) which are vertically, horizontally, or otherwise connected e.g. stats I, II, and III in Bachelor X, first year experience in Bachelor Y, employability skills development in Bachelor Z.

Nominate for a Program Enhancement Partnership through your Faculty Deputy Dean Learning &Teaching.

Want more details? Discuss if a Partnership is right for your Program with a learning designer by booking a time. Download the summary document for more information.


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