PEP Talk: Q&A with a LEO


The LEI team has maintained and continued to grow a student presence in all our projects. We do this with a little help from our Learning Enhancement Officers (LEOs). Our LEO’s work with academics, most notably in the Program Enhancement Partnership (PEP) workshops. In this space, our LEO’s are the student representative and are involved with course design and provide advice from a student perspective. Academics who have partaken in these workshops have found the student voice to be a wonderful advantage while designing their course.

We had a quick Q&A with our LEO Jack Eames about his experience, here’s what Jack had to say:


As a student representative in the PEP partnership, what has been your most valuable take away.

Being able to make contributions towards course design has been very rewarding, because I know these design improvements are for the benefit of future student cohorts. It’s also been a valuable learning experience for me personally, improving my communication skills and ability to work collaboratively with others.

How do you feel about students having input from the early stages of course design? 

I think it’s valuable to have some level of student involvement in the design process. While students like myself are not experts in the subject matter or in educational theory, our input is relevant because we are the people actually taking the courses. It can be a useful second opinion on new ideas or proposed changes. 

Do you feel that being a part of this process has opened networking opportunities for you?

I’ve met a variety of academic and professional staff during PEP workshops. While I haven’t personally taken full advantage of the networking opportunities this has presented, I believe those opportunities are there. I know at least one former student partner who is now employed in another part of the university where he had developed contacts through this role. 

How would you describe your learning experience having seen the teachers perspective?

Working with teachers in PEP workshops made me realise how much work teachers have to do, and that a lot of effort can go into the course design process. Getting a better understanding of MyUni as a learning management system has also been useful to me while using this system as a student. 

What are some lessons learnt that you can apply elsewhere, in your life, your work?

The biggest value to me personally has been in my professional development. Aside from being a valuable addition to my CV, this role has been an opportunity to develop skills like communication, problem solving and design skills and public speaking. These are useful in many areas of my life.


If you’re a current student and interested in becoming a LEO, please fill out Student expression of interest form. Or If you’re interested in learning more about PEP, speak with your faculty Learning Designer

Jack has been working as a LEO in the LEI team for 2 years. He is studying for a Bachelor of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, and aspires to work in Data Analysis or Software Development.

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