Allied Health

Allied Health

The Allied Health Design team provide a service of excelled learning design, innovate course development and consistent authentic learning experiences. We aim to create world-class programs of study in collaboration with the School of Allied Health Science and Practice.


  • Our Purpose

    Our purpose is to develop a suite of sustainable Allied Health Programs that meet a consistent set of standards to engage student learners in meaningful learning experience that academic staff will maintain with care. As a team, we work in close collaboration with the academics of the School of Allied Health Science and Practice and with the teams of LEI to imagine new and improved ways of teaching that ensure student engagement and enjoyment.

  • What We Do

    The Allied Health Design Team brings skills in teaching pedagogy, online learning, and, graphic and web design, to the development of the Allied Health degrees. Our skills are aimed at not only creating a high-quality, contemporary and responsive learning experience for students, but also to assist the academics of the School of Allied Health Science and Practice in capability development with the tools of the Canvas Learning Management System and to innovate new methods for teaching the Allied Health curriculum.

  • Meet the Team

    The Allied Health team contains Learning Designers and Course Builders. A group of professionals who always seek the best outcomes in everything they do. We strive to always put our best foot forward, to push the boundaries and to remain adaptable and resilient in the face of adversity. We hope that other teams within LEI view as a group that cares for the wellbeing of one another, in addition to the product we are able to deliver. To that end, we believe that a team built on the foundation of trust, respect, honesty and openness is a successful team.

    Learning Designers

    Bonny Rugless
    Simon Nagy

    Course Builders
    Jack Eames
    Zac Vandersman

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