Tech in the Library

The Library offers a wide range of standard and specialist tech and equipment.

Student on iPad in library
  • Laptops

    Laptops are available for loan via the Laptop Self-Service Unit, located on Level 3 of the Barr Smith Library. This unit is accessible 24/7!

    Loan periods are for either 4 hours or 7 days. You will need your University of Adelaide student ID card to borrow and return a laptop. You can also check the availability status of the laptops online.

    How to borrow and return a laptop

    A few tips to remember when borrowing a laptop from the Library:

    • To borrow a laptop, hold your student ID card on the card reader below the touchscreen, read and accept the Device Loan Agreement’s terms and conditions.
    • Select your preferred loan duration from the options on the touchscreen.
    • Next, go to the locker indicated on the touchscreen and open the door. Disconnect the cable from the laptop and remove the laptop and charger. To ensure that the borrowing process is complete, make sure that the locker door is closed.
    • The Device Loan Agreement and a loan notification will be emailed to you. The borrowed laptop will also appear on your My Library account.
    • Remember not to save your files on the laptop! Save your files to either OneDrive or a USB drive.
    • To login to the laptop, click the WiFi/network icon on the bottom right of screen and attempt to connect prior to logging in.
    • Once connected (or even is WiFi connection failed), attempt to login to the computer. If it fails, and no error message is shown, try logging in again.
    • If it fails and an error message is given that says "Domain not found", restart the laptop. This should fix the problem and you can try these steps again.
    • To return a laptop, hold your student ID card on the card reader and select Return on the touchscreen. Connect the laptop to the allocated locker and close the locker door. Ensure that the locker light turns red and select Finished on the touchscreen. The laptop is now returned.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ask Library.

  • Computers

    Computers are available at all of our campuses. Most require a University ID login for access. Public PCs, which do not require a login and provide access to a wide range of online resources, are also available for walk-in access at all campus libraries. These have a timeout of between 60 minutes. There are also laptops available for loan at the Barr Smith Library.

    At the Barr Smith Library:

    • University computers are available on Levels 1, 2, 3, and the mezzanine
    • Public PCs are located on Levels 1, 2, and 3

    At the Sir John Salmond Law Library:

    • University computers are available on the ground and lower ground levels
    • Public PCs are located on the ground level

    At the Waite Campus Library:

    • University computers are available for student and staff use
    • Public PCs are available for walk-in access

    At the Roseworthy Campus Library:

    • University computers are available for student and staff use
    • Public PCs are available for walk-in access
  • Print, copy, scan

  • iPads

    iPads can be borrowed by staff and students from Ask Library on Level 3 of the Barr Smith Library - check iPad availability in Library Search

    iPads are available to borrow for up to 12 weeks and each iPad comes with a case and a charger. While you don't need to have an Apple ID to use the iPad you can choose to login as yourself. Please be aware that iPads are securely reset and wiped after every loan, so you will need to ensure that you back up any documents before returning the iPad.

  • Portable disc drives

    Need to play a CD or DVD but your PC / laptop has no disc drive? Portable disc drives that connect via USB drive are available for 3 hour loan from the Ask Library service point located at each library.

  • Study Room 221

    Study Room 221 on Level 2 of the Barr Smith Library has audio-visual (AV) viewing equipment available to watch videos. To use the room you can book it here.

  • Microform viewers for microfilm and microfiche

    Microform viewers and scanners are available at the Sir John Salmond Law Library. Please note:

    • To view specific microform you will first need to request them via Library Search.
    • Microform viewers can be in high demand during peak times and bookings can be made by contacting Ask Library.
    • Training is available in the use of the microform viewers. Contact Ask Library to arrange training, particularly if you are new to microform.
  • Electronic whiteboard

    Waite and Roseworthy campus libraries have electronic whiteboards available for use in the library. Whiteboard accessories can be borrowed from Ask Library at Roseworthy campus for 3 hour loan.

  • MoCOWS - movable computer with a large screen

    With supersized screens, MoCOWS are great for project work or when you need to get together for a group assignment. MoCOWS are available for use within the Waite and Roseworthy campus libraries.

  • Barr Smith video recording studio

    Located on level 2 of the Barr Smith Library, the Video Recording Studio is run by LEI and is bookable via calendar. Find out more ...