Request an Interlibrary Loan

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Get access to books, journal articles, and other items that are not held in the University Library collections through the Interlibrary Loans service. The Library can source what you need for study, research and teaching purposes from libraries around Australia and overseas.

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  • Eligibility - staff and postgraduate students

    The Interlibrary Loan service is available at no cost to:

    • University of Adelaide staff
    • Postgraduate students

    The service includes 50 free standard requests per calendar year.

  • How to request – staff and postgraduate students

    Log in to MyLibrary and then look up the item in Library Search. If the item is held by the Library you can access it online or borrow physical items. If you have any queries on how to access Library held resources please contact Ask Library.

    If the item is not held by the Library, widen your search using the 'Search beyond our collections' option from the drop-down list next to the search box then select on 'Get it for me from other libraries'. Scroll down the record to get to the request options and then click on the appropriate button. Check to see whether any further information is required and then submit. 

    Screenshot of the ILL request buttons in Library Search

    Note: The timeframes shown on the button are estimated and are dependent on a number of factors

    For more detailed instructions, please see the quick reference guide.

    Choosing this option will automatically transfer the item details from the Library Search to the interlibrary loans request form, so you won't have to add this information manually. 

    Alternatively, you can create a manual ILL request from here:

    Request Interlibrary Loan

  • Eligibility and how to request - undergraduate students

    The Library aims to provide material required to support undergraduates from within its own collection, however, honours students and those students in the fourth year or above, may need to access specific material not held in the Library.

    Please contact Ask Library with the details of the resource you would like to access and the team will review your request.

  • Manage your requests

    The Library has implemented a new Interlibrary Loans system and the list of requests that you have previously placed will no longer be available. New requests can be viewed in MyLibrary while they are being processed but will not be visible after each request is filled. Book loans remain visible in MyLibrary.

    To renew your Interlibrary Loans, please contact us to request renewal.

    Renewals are not automatic and do not take place immediately as the supplying library needs to be contacted to request a new loan period. Not all libraries will allow renewals and all renewals are subject to the lending policies of the supplying library.

  • Cost

    Staff and postgraduate students of the University of Adelaide are entitled to 50 free standard requests per person, per calendar year. For requests that exceed the 50 per year limit, loans held overseas, or for individual requests that exceed the standard cost of AUD$30.00 , the following extra charges will apply from April 1 2020:

    • Rush Book requests: AUD$55.30 (please allow approximately 2 days for delivery)
    • Rush Copy requests: AUD$39.30
    • Overseas book loan: AUD$55.00
    • Requests after annual 50 reached: Book loan AUD$30.30, Copy AUD$19.70 per standard request

    Staff and eligible students of the University may be able to cover these additional charges using a Department Fund Code, but please check with your department first. Please contact us for more details.

  • Delivery times

    • Please allow approximately 14 working days for delivery of your Interlibrary Loans. This can vary depending on shipping, availability and the location of the item.
    • Loans coming from overseas may have a longer turn-around time.
    • Rush requests (delivery within two days) are available at an additional cost.
  • Collecting your requested book or item

    • Once we receive your Interlibrary Loan item from the supplying library we will notify you via email and SMS. It will then be available to collect from the Requests Pickup shelf at your nominated location.
    • Journal articles and book chapters will be sent to you as an email attachment in pdf format, or as an email containing a download link.
  • Returning your book or item

    • You can return your items to any University Library return chute or to an Ask Library staff member.
    • When returning your item, please ensure the plastic ILL strap and relevant paperwork are attached to the loan, to help facilitate prompt return and removal from your record.
    • Failure to return an overdue Interlibrary Loan (ILL) item, or returning it in a significantly damaged state, will result in a non-refundable administration fee of $150 per item. This fee could impact your ability to graduate and temporarily block your borrowing privileges and electronic access. If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact Ask Library.

  • Interlibrary Loans for other libraries

    Find out more about our resource sharing policy.