Services for users with a disability

The Library is committed to providing equitable access to services and resources for users with either a temporary or permanent disability.

Facilities and accessibility

Building access

All of the libraries are accessible for students who have a disability or medical condition that impacts mobility.

  • The Barr Smith Library can be accessed from level 3 either by crossing the bridge on the western side of the building, or using the Hub lift on the southern side of the building to go between levels 3 and 4. Visit the map to find access to lifts, ramps, height adjustable tables and accessible toilets.
  • The Sir John Salmond Law Library can be accessed via a lift located inside the entrance of the Ligertwood building. This lift requires card access. Library access is available via the ground or lower ground floors - Ask Library is located on the ground floor.
  • The Roseworthy Campus Library and Waite Campus Libraries are both located on the ground floor and are accessible. 


  • Specially adapted study tables which are height-adjustable are identified by wheelchair priority signs. These are located on the Northern levels 1, 2 and 3 of the Barr Smith Library and can be found just opposite the lift.


  • Accessible bathroom facilities are located in the Barr Smith Library (on level 3 and on level 1) and in the Roseworthy and Waite Campus Libraries. 
  • Emergency exits.
  • Each library, and each floor within each library, has emergency exits. If you have a disability that may make it difficult to use the emergency exits, please let staff know that you are in the building.

Using the collections

Requesting and photocopying of items

  • Place your requests via Library Search for both physical loans and scanned items. Requests are filled within 24 hours - where possible.
  • Staff can also assist if you wish to photocopy or scan a chapter or article yourself within the library or if you need help retrieving an item from the shelves.
  • Please note: the Library is able to copy material subject to the 'fair dealing' provisions of the Copyright Act. If you require more than 'fair dealing' allows, you may need to talk to Student Life Disability Support staff.

For more information

For more information about building accessibility or the range of library services available please contact Ask Library