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Copyright is a set of exclusive rights given to authors or creators of works, or copyright owners, to protect their works against unauthorised use. Copyright protects the expression of ideas in a material form.

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Get knowledgeable and friendly advice on a whole range of copyright issues, including: using and creating copyright material for teaching, author rights, open educational resources, creative commons licences, and how to make research more accessible though incorporating open access principles.

The University of Adelaide Library recently responded to the Department of Communications and the Arts Copyright modernisation consultation paper - read what we had to say.

The Copyright Amendment (Disability Access and Other Measures) Act came into force on the 23 December 2017. The main amendments include:

  • New exceptions for people with a disability, and institutions assisting people with a disability, to enable better access to copyright material.
  • Broadened library exceptions for preservation, research and administrative purposes.
  • Changed copyright terms for unpublished material (to come into effect 1 January 2019).
  • A simplified educational statutory licence.

The information in these web pages has been updated to reflect these changes.