Intellectual Property Policy


The University is a leader in research and innovation, and supports wide dissemination of research findings and transfer of knowledge. Within an environment in which ideas are often freely shared, the Policy aims to ensure that, where desirable, the University captures and harnesses the value of its intellectual property.

Title Version Date uploaded
Intellectual Property Policy d2016/130758 15 Aug 2017

RMO File No. 2008/2345
Policy custodian Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Research)
Responsible policy officer Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Research)
Approved by University Council on 23 July 2012
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Related legislation Copyright Act 1968 (Cth)
Patents Act 1990 (Cth)
Plant Breeder's Rights Act 1994 (Cth)
Designs Act 2003 (Cth)
Trade Marks Act 1995 (Cth)
Circuit Layouts Act 1989 (Cth)
Superceded Policies Intellectual Property Policy (2005)
Effective from 23 July 2012
Review Date 31 July 2015
Contact for queries about the policy Director, University of Adelaide Enterprise

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