Course Readings

Course Readings provides easy access to materials for students, while providing academics with a fast and user-friendly way of managing all kinds of readings.

CREATE IT, or RE-USE IT, or ROLL OVER (watch video or see the quick reference guides below for help). 

SEND LIST (even if you've not quite finished preparing it).

PUBLISH (to allow students to see the completed citations).

To access, click on the Course Readings button on the left in MyUni.

Download the quick start guide

Information about Course Readings

  • How do I access Course Readings?

    Course Readings appears as a button in MyUni. More information on how to create your reading lists can be found in our Quick Reference Guides.

  • How do I re-use/roll over an existing Course Readings list?

    Use the Course Readings ROLL OVER function from the “Welcome to your course materials page” 

    Alternatively, navigate to the existing Course Readings list, access the "Re-use list for new teaching period" function via the and follow the prompts.

    See the Quick Reference Guides below for more information.

  • What's the quickest way to create a new Course Readings list?

    1. Click on the Course Readings button in MyUni.
    2. Click on CREATE IT and follow the prompts.
    3. Add your first few week's readings.
    4. SEND LIST, even if you have not finished preparing it, so that the Course Readings team can start the review process.
    5. Continue adding more readings.
    6. SEND LIST again.

    See the Quick Reference Guides below for more information.

  • Quick reference guides

  • Frequently asked questions

    Trouble adding materials to your list

    Why can’t I create a list? I can’t see the CREATE IT’ welcoming page.

    This is because there is already a list for your topic. This may have been created by the Library to list High Use items, or by one of your collaborators. You can create and make changes to the list. See our Quick reference guides under Creating your list (refer to those about adding items) and Reviewing your list.

    Why can’t I create a list? I can’t get to the button.

    Try “zooming out” your screen - this will enable you to see more of the screen at once. To do this hold the Crtl key and press ”-“ (minus).

    Why don’t I see the blue “+” button?

    We may not have you associated with the list as an instructor. Please contact us at

    Why doesn’t the blue “+” button work for me?

    The button will not work if you have not created a section in your list. Please double check that you have created a section in your list and try again.

    Can I upload a file of the required pages?

    Yes. Drag the file to upload it against the citation.

    If I think the library has scanned the pages already, do I need to put in another digitization request?

    No. Edit the citation, changing the Type to book chapter and add the chapter title.

    When would I use the Inter Library Loan Required tag?

    Use the tag when the Library, or yourself, cannot supply a scan from a print source.

    What if I want to reference a whole print book,  how do I communicate this?

    Use the No Digitization Required tag.

    What is My Collection?

    My Collection is your own personal Course Readings library. Once saved in My Collection you can use the resource for multiple reading lists. You can also add items to My Collection using 'Cite it' (see Quick reference guides).

    My course only has a textbook. Does this affect me?

    Yes. Create a Course readings list, add a section and add the citation.  If there isn’t a copy in the High Use collection, add a tag Move to High Use.


    Digitization Requests

    Why can’t I see the option to place a digitization request?

    Please check that your reading list is associated to a course.

    Can I ask for digitization of more than 2 sets of page ranges from a book?

    Yes. You may add the first two in the Pages boxes of the digitization request form. Add any more page ranges as a Note.


    Will I infringe Copyright if I …?

    The library will check copyright compliance while processing your list. For more information about copyright, take a look at our Copyright Advice website - particularly the information regarding teaching purposes.


    Trouble accessing materials

    Why doesn’t the link in Course Readings go straight to the chapter of the ebook?

    Depending on the source of the ebook, we may not able to link directly to a chapter. Where this is the case, the link will usually go to a table of contents. From here, students will be able to navigate to the chapter or page numbers.

    You may like to add a “public note" advising students which chapter to read.


    Reading Lists

    Can I export my reading list, section readings, or individual citations?

    Yes! Click on "" and navigate to Export. There are a range of options including Word, PDF and Excel.

  • What are the guidelines for Course Readings?

    The Library provides the Course Readings service

    What the Library will do

    • Provide the Course Readings tool to allow you to create a reading list based on the resources you have selected.
    • Provide online access to resources wherever possible, including books, chapters, journal articles and audio/video content.
    • Ensure online access is available at the time of teaching or ahead of time wherever possible.
    • Enable access to materials added to readings lists after the start of the teaching period.
    • Manage copyright and licensing agreement requirements.
    • Provide access to all required readings via links in MyUni or for print textbooks, the Library’s High Use Collection. Required readings are those that students must read as part of the course.
    • Ensure recommended readings are available in the Library’s online or print collections. Recommended readings are those that students may read.
    • If not part of the Library’s collections, consider purchase of further readings. Further readings are provided to encourage students to explore.
    • Work with MyUni to ensure all support materials are easy to understand and up to date.

    What we need from you

    • Use the Course Readings system to create your reading list prioritised according to required, recommended and further readings.  Add tags to item to provide instructions to the Library to help with processing more quickly.

    How will students access and manage their learning resources?

    • Students will have access to their required readings via links in MyUni, or for textbooks, through the Library’s High Use Collection.
    • Students will have access to their online recommended and further readings via MyUni provided they are added to the reading list.
    • Students will have access to print recommended readings through the Library’s physical collections.
    • Students may have access to print further readings through the Library’s physical collections.


    • The expectation is that students will buy textbooks required for their course.
    • We have an e-preferred policy and will provide electronic versions of textbooks (where licencing permits), in preference to print.
    • The Library will provide a limited number of required and recommended textbooks
      • for required resources we license up to 3 electronic copies or purchase 1 print copy per 100 students (rounded up).
      • for recommended resources we license/purchase 1 copy.


    Check the help materials in the My Uni Learning Centre or email us.