Content Manager

Content Manager (CM) is the University's official recordkeeping system, supported by Records Services and used by staff across the University to manage the records created in the course of their work.

Content Manager can be used to store digital records so you can easily support business activities in your area.

  • What does Content Manager do?

    Content Manager is the University's official recordkeeping system and it can:

    • capture and preserve electronic records.
    • track the location of hardcopy records.
    • save revisions.
    • provide secure access to records.
    • apply actions to manage workflow.
    • manage disposal of records.
  • What's in it for me?

    If you use Content Manager you will be able to:

    • locate your records easily.
    • find previous revisions if required.
    • share information easily with your colleagues.
    • produce evidence as to why particular decisions were made.
    • increase your productivity by saving time searching for documents.
    • support business efficiency in your area.
    • be assured that your work and records will be safely stored for colleagues to access should you leave an area or the University.
    • save paper and reduce printing by capturing documents electronically.
    • free up space in your work area.
    • support State Records Act 1997 (SA) compliance.
  • What kind of computer do I need to use for Content Manager?


    Content Manager's standard desktop version only runs on Windows operating systems and cannot run on Linux or Mac computers.

    Mac / Linux

    Content Manager's Web Client provides browser-based access to the Content Manager database and is available to all Content Manager licence holders using an alternative environment such as Macintosh or Linux.

  • How do I get a Content Manager license?

    To use Content Manager you must have a licence. There are a limited number of licences and these will be allocated free of charge, if available.

    The staff member requiring a Content Manager licence needs to submit a licence application form.

    There is also mandatory training. Training dates are listed on the Course Bookings page.

    A licence application must be completed when transferring to another area in the University.

Records security

Content Manager provides strict control of access to records. All your actions are recorded in the Content Manager audit log.

Content Manager allows the sharing of information. Therefore record security is only applied where there is a demonstrated need. When records are restricted, the security group manager is responsible for authorising access.

Security of records in Content Manager is managed by the use of security groups and access controls.

  • What is a security group?

    A security group is used to restrict access to a file and its contents and is applied to the access controls of the record.

    The group comprises designated staff that require access to particular files; and a group manager who is responsible for the authorisation of membership of the group.

    A security group can be established when:

    • five or more staff require access to the restricted files or
    • five or more files require restriction.

    Records Services and staff of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor, including General Counsel, will be included in every group as a default.

  • What are access controls?

    Access controls are used to allocate certain users the required access to specific files. They are used infrequently for individuals and are only applied when the Security Group criteria are not met.