Referencing tools and software

There are tools that can help you create your reference list quickly and easily.

  • Library Search Citation tool

    You can create a citation in Library Search for any search result that you find. Watch this video to see an example of generating a citation using the Harvard UofA referencing style. 

    IMPORTANT: Automatically generated references often contain inaccuracies, especially of punctuation. Always check the generated reference against the style guide, and edit it if you need to.

  • Google Scholar Cite

    If you are using Google Scholar, there is a handy tool that will create a citation for any search result that you find. Click on the quotation marks beneath any item in the search result list (Note: not Harvard UofA).

    Example of a Google Scholar Cite entry






    Please be aware that Google Scholar Cite frequently contains inaccuracies. Always check the resulting citation against the style guide.

  • Reference management software

    If you want to take it even further there are software programs available for storing and managing your references. These programs can integrate automatically with word processing programs like Microsoft Word. EndNote is one such program, and is paid for and supported by the University (see EndNote section below for more information).

    There are dozens of other reference management programs in existence. Some of the best known are Mendeley and Zotero which are web-based and freely available. This Wikipedia article  provides a useful comparison chart for most known systems.

    If you use LaTeX software to create your documents, the recommended referencing software is BibTeX. Please consult your school or department for more information.


    If you'd like to learn more about how to use EndNote, have a look at EndNote Essentials. EndNote Essentials is an online course to help you learn about all the skills that you need to get up and running with EndNote. 

    EndNote Essentials will help you with: 

    • Getting started with EndNote 
    • Adding references to an EndNote Library 
    • Working with PDFs and other files in an EndNote Library 
    • Organising references in an EndNote Library 
    • Using EndNote with Microsoft Word (Cite While You Write feature) 
    • Saving and accessing your EndNote Library