Information Management Policy


The creation and proper management of Information Assets is essential to the success of the University's learning, teaching, research, business and administration activities.

As a publicly-funded institution, the University must meet accountability obligations and Information Assets provide evidence of its activities and decision-making to external regulators, internal and external auditors, accreditation and funding bodies. In addition, the University needs to provide the public with access to records under Freedom of Information and for legitimate research purposes.

The maintenance and retention of certain Information Assets also form an "institutional memory", documenting over time the University's history, organisation, operations, research activities and outputs as well as other contributions to the wider community.

University Information Assets are the property of the University and not of the Personnel who create them, or to whom they are entrusted. The University's Research Data and Primary Materials Policy further stipulates ownership-related issues regarding Research Data.

This Policy affirms the University's duty to comply with mandatory laws and best practice codes relating to Information Management (including the State Records Act 1997 and the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research (2018)) and articulates the responsibilities of all Personnel with respect to the creation, maintenance, disposal and accessibility of Information Assets.

This Policy also embodies best practice Information Management standards of both the state and federal government's records authorities as well as the Australian Standard AS ISO 15489 (2017): Records Management.

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  • Administration, Approval and Review

    RMO File No. 2018/11763
    Policy custodian Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Academic)
    Responsible policy officer University Librarian
    Endorsed by Academic Board on 25 November 2020
    Approved by Vice-Chancellor and President on 26 November 2020
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    Related legislation State Records Act 1997
    Superceded Policies University Records Policy
    Effective from 26 November 2020
    Review Date 26 November 2023
    Contact for queries about the policy Sian Woolcock, University Librarian, 8313 5700,

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