Technology Strategy and Governance Committee

The University Technology Strategy and Governance Committee provides strategic guidance and prioritisation of the University of Adelaide's technology initiatives and ITDS operations.

The committee governs the following domains: technology principles; technology strategy; planning and investment; risk, compliance and security; and ITDS service performance.

  • Terms of reference

     1. Technology principles

    Technology Principles are statements of intent on how technology is to be deployed and used in order to meet the University's strategic goals. TSGC has authority to:

    • Decide on the Technology Principles
    • Communicate and engage with the University community on critical technology and digital issues and business changes
    • Resolve issues escalated from a Technology Governance Committee (TGC) and/or ITDS leadership to address any critical decisions or escalations across ITDS projects and operational performance.

    2. Technology strategy

    Formulation of Technology strategy and alignment with whole-of-University strategic objectives. Reviewing progress against the Technology Strategic Plan. TSGC has authority to:

    • Endorse proposed technology strategies
    • Approve roadmaps for key technology and supporting initiatives
    • Continuously monitor performance and adjust priorities and investments to maintain alignment with the University strategic goals
    • Be informed on technology trends and new strategic opportunities.

    3. Planning and investment

    Ensure Technology plans and investments are focused on the technology required to enable the University of Adelaide strategies. TSGC has authority to:

    • Prioritise and recommend technology and digital related investments from across the University to the Planning and Budgeting Committee (PBC)
    • Determine the inclusion and priority of new ITDS initiatives in the context of the approved technology investment plan
    • Ratify ITDS asset renewal / life cycle investment priorities
    • Monitor and be informed on deviations from agreed technology principles.

    4. Risk, compliance and security

    Oversight of ITDS risk profile, ITDS compliance performance, and ITDS Security position. TSGC has authority to:

    • Be informed on significant technology and information security risks and incidents
    • Oversee the security management program
    • Monitor ITDS performance on risk management and compliance requirements.

    5. ITDS service performance

    Review ITDS services delivery performance against agreed SLAs and KPIs. TSGC has authority to:

    • Be informed on overall ITDS service performance and progress against KPIs
    • Be informed on progress against 1-3 year technology investment and portfolio strategy
    • Be informed on progress of major projects and overall program and project delivery health.
  • Committee membership

    • Chief Operating Officer - Mr Bruce Lines (Convenor)  
    • Divisional representative - Professor Mike Brooks (DRI)
    • Divisional representative - Professor Pascale Quester (DASE)
    • Divisional representative - Mrs Virginia Deegan (DUO)
    • Divisional representative - Mr Tony Mitchell (DUO)
    • Divisional representative - Mr Dave Lamb (DASE)
    • Divisional representative - Professor Philippa Levy (DASE)
    • Divisional representative - Professor John Williams (DRI)
    • Divisional representative - Mr Simon Brennan (DRI)
    • Faculty representative - Professor Alastair Burt (H&MS)
    • Faculty representative - Professor Anton Middelberg (ECMS)
    • Chief Information Officer - Ms Bev Wright
    • Executive Officer - Mr Neil Heaton (Manager, IT Governance)
    • Executive Administration - ITDS Admin Team / Ms Maeri-Anne Fold
  • Meeting dates

    Copies of confirmed minutes can be obtained by contacting

    There are 4 TSGC meetings planned for 2019:

    • March 13
    • June 25
    • August 20
    • November 26