Remote Access via Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Did you know that you can access the University network anywhere using Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

You may need to use the VPN to access resources such as PeopleSoft Finance and VoIP self-service when you are away from the University network. 

  • Global Protect VPN

    GlobalProtect VPN utilises our new Okta login and multi-factor authentication methods for a more streamlined and secure login experience.

    Please note that VPN is not available when you are connected to the University network (either by wired or wireless connection).

    Please refer to the knowledge articles on the MyIT Portal for the install and setup processes.

  • Remote Access to the University of Adelaide Network by Third Party Vendor/Suppliers

    Specialist remote access exception request

    If you require specialist remote access to connect to the University network, you will need to submit an IT Security policy exception request via the MyIT portal (ServiceNow). This applies to applications including AnyDesk, Chrome Remote Desktop, ScreenConnect and Team Viewer. Exceptions will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by the ITDS Cyber Security team and approved by a senior member of your department.

    If an exception is granted and no longer required, please contact Service Desk on 08 8313 3000 or log a request via the MyIT Portal.