Remote Access via Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Did you know that you can access the University network anywhere using our GlobalProtect Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

GlobalProtect VPN utilises our new Okta login and multi-factor authentication methods for a more streamlined and secure login experience.

Please note that VPN is not available when you are connected to the University network (either by wired or wireless connection).

Students based in China will not be able to access all University services via GlobalProtect and should instead use the FortiClient VPN. Guides can be found on the student links above.

A Linux GlobalProtect client is available for both staff and students (Ubuntu & centOS8), but please note we offer limited technical support and there is a known compatibility issue with CentOS7. Please refer to the knowledge articles on the MyIT Portal for download links and setup process.

Remote Access to the University of Adelaide Network by Third Party Vendor/Suppliers

Third party vendors are sometimes required to gain remote access to systems connected to the University of Adelaide network for the purpose of troubleshooting or regular maintenance. In accordance with the IT Acceptable Use and Security Policy (ref. 2(e)) and associated procedures (IT Acceptable Use Procedures (ref. 1.3(c)) and IT Security Procedures (ref. 7(d))), the only authorised means of establishing such remote access are as follows:

  1. GlobalProtect VPN using a visitor account issued to the vendor.
  2. ADAPT Citrix Workspace using a visitor account issued to the vendor.
    Note - Visitor Accounts do not automatically have access to ADAPT. Please contact the ITDS Service Desk once the account has been created to have this restriction lifted
  3. Site-to-site IPSec VPN tunnel terminated on the UofA border firewall with appropriate restrictions. Contact the ITDS Service Desk for details about this option.

Any other methods for remote access will need to be assessed for security and other risks and must be approved by Information Technology and Digital Services (ITDS) and by the Head of School in accordance with the IT Acceptable Use and Security Policy.

Please contact ITDS Service Desk on 08 8313 3000 or via the MyIT portal for further information.

Specialist remote access exception request

If you require specialist remote access to connect to the University network, you will need to submit an IT Security policy exception request via the MyIT portal (ServiceNow). This applies to applications including AnyDesk, Chrome Remote Desktop, ScreenConnect and Team Viewer. Exceptions will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by the ITDS Cyber Security team and approved by a senior member of your department.

If an exception is granted and no longer required, please contact Service Desk on 08 8313 3000 or log a request via the MyIT Portal.

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