Research Management Systems Enhancements

Research Management System Tactical Enhancements

Research Services have partnered with ITDS to make some targeted technological enhancements to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of current research management services and the technology that supports them.

These services currently rely on several interdependent, fragmented processes and software systems, including ResearchMaster (RME), Minuet, Aurora/Symplectic, Data Warehouse, Data Management Planner (DMP), HP Content Manager (HPCM) and ORBIT. 

The goal is to simplify user experiences by integrating Contract and Consulting Research management and transferring Minuet's data into ResearchMaster. 

We are glad to announce that following a successful migration the planned improvements to our Research Management systems are now live! 


What does this mean for the University of Adelaide research community? 

  • Support for your research activities can now be provided by the same central teams based on project stage as outlined below:
  • Improved representation of your research activity in your Individual Academic Profile. 
  • Removal of the Orbit Researcher Profiles in favour of the research profile data in Aurora, which has the added benefits of containing a more comprehensive set of research activity data (e.g., Supervision activity, Publications and Research funding) and integration with public facing researcher profiles.
  • Ability to access high level details of all research project activity in the Data Management Planner to make creating a new DMP quicker and easier.
  • This is possible because of the following key system changes being implemented through this project: 
    • Enhanced data fields in ResearchMaster, along with corresponding reports. 
    • The consolidation of "contract" and "grant" data into a single category named "Research Project." 
    • Minuet Contract Management services and data will move to ResearchMaster, which will serve as the primary application. Minuet will continue to support other functions related to Intellectual Property and Commercialization management. 
    • Updating of various reporting platforms (e.g., Cognos, RME Utility and IAP) to accommodate new data sources  


Targeted communications will be sent to impacted user groups in due course.

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