Cyber Security Update: Local Administrator Rights

Recent events have shown us the very real risk cyber-attacks pose in our sector. Keeping our University’s devices and their confidential contents safe is of utmost priority. ​

In March 2023, the Vice-Chancellor endorsed a strategy for reducing the risk of cyber-attacks by restricting local administrator rights on Windows devices managed and owned by the University.

We’re keeping your data and systems safe​

To increase cyber security across the University, local administrator rights to University-managed Windows computers are now restricted. ​

Exception requests

If you require local administrator rights on your University-managed Windows devices, please submit an Admin Rights exception request through the MyIT portal.​

Exceptions will be endorsed by your line manager, assessed by ITDS Cyber Security and, where applicable, sent to your Head of Branch or Head of School for final approval. Please let your line manager know once you have submitted an Admin Rights exception request.​

Approved software​

You can find pre-approved software options in the Software CentreMicrosoft Store, or Adapt (Any Device, Any Place and Any Time), which do not require local administrator rights for installation.​

Local administrator rights vs. privileged access​

Please note, while this change restricts local administrator rights to University-managed Windows devices, it does not impact privileged accounts (e.g.: aa1234567 account) that may be associated to your job role. ​


If you need any help or assistance, please contact the ITDS Service Desk on +61 8 8313 3000 or via the MyIT Portal.

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