Audio Visual Refresh coming soon to North Terrace Campus Lower Napier Common Teaching Areas

2023 Audio Visual (AV) Asset Refresh

Full AV Refresh coming to North Terrace Campus Lower Napier Common Teaching areas.

In July 2023 the project team consulted with Academics who use the common teaching areas in Lower Napier to gain their feedback on the proposed layout and placement of new LCD screens and whiteboards in the rooms. The new screens can display high-quality images, videos, slides and other multimedia content, and the whiteboards can be used in conjunction with the screens for writing notes, drawing diagrams and brainstorming ideas. This will combine the convenience and versatility of digital technology with the simplicity and flexibility of traditional writing tools.

The AV refresh work is scheduled to occur from 20 November to 7 December 2023, across the areas listed below. The rooms have been booked out for the duration of the installation period, at a time that will have no impact on teaching. Further communication will be sent when the works are complete.

As part of work the AV Asset Refresh project recently upgraded projectors and projector screens. Currently cameras are being upgraded in priority common teaching areas across the Waite, Roseworthy and North Terrace campuses.

The project is pleased to announce the final round of AV improvement works to occur this year. Specifically a full refresh of AV equipment in identified North Terrace Campus Lower Napier common teaching areas.

North Terrace Campus – Lower Napier 

  • LG09
  • LG11
  • LG07
  • LG15
  • LG18
  • LG12
  • LG19
  • LG21
  • LG14
  • LG23
  • LG24

If you have any questions or need further information, contact the Project Manager, Simon Gaeta (

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