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The University of Adelaide seeks to graduate the next generation of leaders, equipped to take on the challenges of our future with a sense of global citizenship.

As an employer, recruiter or industry body, you naturally want to see graduates and students well prepared to help your organisation grow - and you want to make connections with those who'll be the best fit for your team. 

Our objectives are linked with your own, so we put every bit as much thought and energy into helping you achieve your goals as we do for our students.

As a central service, we operate across every discipline on offer at the University and our team can connect you with students at all year levels, including graduates up to 12-months after completion. 

Advertising opportunities

CareerHub is the University of Adelaide online platform where employers can share graduate jobs, internships, vacation programs, competitions, events and more with our students directly. The platform is free and easy for use and involves creating an organisation profile and listing opportunities that relate to a students studies and career development. 

If your organisation already has a profile on CareerHub you simply need to log in with the username and password. If you are unsure of these details, or wish to be added to an existing account, please contact our team directly.


  • About our students

    Our students span across five faculties and we offer both undergraduate and postgraduate coursework as well as research pathways. These faculties are:

    We recommend that employers look into the disciplines on offer at the University of Adelaide via our online Degree Finder to determine if we have the targeted cohort to suit your recruitment plans. Please note that at this time we do not offer degrees in allied health. 

  • Tailored engagement strategies

    Just as University of Adelaide graduates have the skills to adapt and excel in a rapidly changing world, we routinely adapt our student-engagement approach to meet different employers' needs. Whatever your strategic objectives, we can tailor our service to suit, ensuring you have the perfect showcase for your unique workplace culture, areas of expertise and employment opportunities. 

    From mentoring programs and campus presentations, to site-tours and competitions - there are many ways in which we encourage employers to get creative in your engagement strategies. 

    Things to consider

    In preparing to explore your organisation's options for engaging with University of Adelaide students, we are keen to learn and work with you to determine:

    • what disciplines you'd like to target
    • how our students and graduates fit with your organisation's strategy and future jobs
    • when your recruitment opportunities will likely arise, and how much lead time you are working with to attract your ideal applicants
    • whether you have any Adelaide graduates already on-staff who'd be willing to present, get involved or host sessions
    • how you can best convey to students your organisations culture. 

    Contact us to discuss your tailored engagement strategy. 

  • Ideas for student engagement

    Having collaborated with industry employers countless times before to stage student engagement events and activities, we know what works. Some of our most effective, ongoing options include:

    • Lunch and Learn sessions: Presenting students with interesting, relevant information to digest over a meal never fails. Encouraging attendance is easy. Engagement's high.
    • Leading the Way conversations: A single, intimate chat with one of your leaders could inspire our students for life. Openly sharing your journey and insights created powerful, lasting connections. 
    • A Day in the Life presentations: Do you already employ an Adelaide graduate? Why not have them come in to describe a day in their professional life for our students of today. Students are always keen to get first-hand info from someone they can relate to. 
    • Interactive sessions: Giving students the chance to try their hands at real, professional tasks is a great way to get them involved and excited. Keep it fun and they'll keep coming. 
    • Pop-up shops: This is a great option if you want to talk careers, competitions and more with students across multiple disciplines. With a temporary presence in Hub Central or Ingkarni Wardli - our prime student meeting spaces - you'll have access to hundreds of students daily. 

    Innovation embraced

    We absolutely understand the need to clearly differentiate your brand in our students' minds. So if you'd like to demonstrate your commitment to innovation and creativity by doing something unique, don't hesitate. So long as it's relevant and benefits our students, we'll help you make it happen. 

    Ready to talk? Contact our team to discuss your tailored engagement strategy. 

  • Career Expo and Grow Your Career Week

    Careers Expo

    We run an annual Careers Expo in March, held on campus across two discipline specific days with Day 1 focusing on STEM and Day 2 on Business, Health, Humanities, Arts and Teaching.

    This event is an excellent way for organisations who are looking to recruit larger numbers of students and graduates to meet directly on campus and build awareness of the opportunities available. 

    The next Careers Expo will take place in March 2020 on the North Terrace Campus and interested organisations and employers are welcome to complete an Expression of Interest form online. More information will be available online and through email in late 2019.

    If you would like to arrange a time to speak with the event organiser or a member of our team about Careers Expo, please contact us directly via email.

    *Please note that booths are limited and subject to availability.

    Grow Your Career Week

    Grow Your Career Week is the second largest annual event run by our team in August.

    The week consists of inspiring, engaging and insightful events, activations and presentations from industry leaders and guest speakers across a range of careers and employability related topics. 

    Throughout the year our team is on the look out for new and engaging session themes and speakers who want to connect with students. This can include career journeys, advice, themed presentations and more. If you have an idea or would like to be involved as a speaker or presenter then please get in touch with our team. 

    The next Grow Your Career Week will take place in August 2020 on the North Terrace Campus and we look forward to sharing more information and the event guide in the month leading up.

    For more information on previous events please refer to the 2019 event page. 

  • Career Access Mentoring Program

    Do you remember what it was like to start your first job out of University? The challenges, the highlights and the lessons learned since then? Now’s your chance to share this knowledge! Help students prepare for their career – be a career mentor.

    Mentoring is a learning relationship between individuals focused on the mentee’s development and goals. As someone who has “been there before”, you will be able to assist current students in developing the confidence, knowledge and skills required to make a successful transition into industry.

    Career mentoring can result in increased knowledge of the current job market, confidence and lifelong career management skills.

    The programs that you can get involved in vary:

    • Our flagship program Career Access Mentoring involves at least four meetings over approximately two months, and focuses on a student’s professional development journey.
    • The ‘A Coffee With…’ program involves a single one-on-one meeting with a student, and is a less formal opportunity to share knowledge in a specific area.

    Participation is based on your availability and student demand. Register your details to stay informed about future mentoring opportunities.

    mentor expression of interest Mentoring information Student information

    Want to learn more about Mentoring? Read our FAQs

  • Advertising general casual jobs

    We able to assist you with recruitment when we can draw a link between the opportunity on offer and a discipline of coursework or study at the University.

    However, if you have jobs and opportunities that are more 'general' you may be referred to the Adelaide University Union who run a general uni-jobs and volunteer listing portal. Please note that fees may apply for this service with the AUU. 

    Adelaide University Union