Professional Development

The China Career Ready Plus (CCR+) professional development workshop series and industry events specifically focus on improving career employability skills and industry awareness.


In addition to the general careers workshops provided by the Careers Services, these workshops and events are carefully devised by careers professionals based on the career development needs of Chinese international students.

  • Info session

    Finding employment after graduation is never easy both in Australia and China, especially for Chinese international students.

    That's why we are here to help you plan ahead and guide you through different strategies to boost your career management competency.

    This introductory session will highlight our career programs and services for Chinese international students.

  • Career success planning

    This interactive workshop will guide you through five key strategies that are essential for career success in Australia. After assessing your strengths and skills, the workshop will focus on identifying suitable employers, and creating a plan to demonstrate your employability skills to future employers. The workshop will assist students to “decode” job advertisements and devise their own action plan for career success.

  • Resumes and cover letter preparation

    Having a resume ready to go is extremely important.

    You may be asked to submit an application for a job or some work experience with very short notice, so being prepared can give you an advantage in the job market.

    This workshop will guide you through the process of writing a resume and a cover letter tailored for work opportunities that suit students from China.

  • Mock assessment centre

    This interactive workshop will simulate a real life assessment centre which is often the final stage of the recruitment process.

    Students will receive oral feedback on their performance in the assessment centre tasks. The first half an hour will be used to lead students through the tips and tricks of how to approach the assessment centre, followed by two hours of practice - undertaking activities that simulate real assessment centre tasks.

  • Interview skills and practice

    Interviews in Australia can be challenging!

    Would you like to learn strategies and skills for preparing to attend an interview?

    In this workshop you will learn about:

    • Appropriate attire and behaviours for the interview
    • Interview techniques for answering questions
    • Highlighting the most appropriate information in your answers

    You will also get a chance to ask questions, participate in a mock interview and become an interviewer.

  • Networking skills and practice

    It’s not what you know it’s who you know! 

    We all are aware that networks are very important when seeking out job opportunities. As an international student, it can be difficult to create professional networks when you only been in Australia for a short time.

    This first part of this workshop will guide you through how to build a connection with a professional you are meeting for the first time. The second part of the workshop will allow you to practice on fellow students and some industry professionals.

    In this interactive session you will learn how to start conversations and build relationships with professionals in your industry.

Meeting Employers

The International Careers team organise events to make sure that our students are able to connect with local and Chinese employers. Several events take place on campus and students also have the opportunity to visit employers in their workplace to gain extra insights into the employers’ culture and recruitment process. A number of local employers have also offered internships and work experience exclusively to our Chinese students.

  • Australian employers

    The International Careers team has strong relationships with numerous local employers from different industries and many have offered exclusive work experience opportunities to our Chinese students. Also, as part of the China Career Ready Plus (CCR+) program, we regularly invite local industry professionals to deliver different career-related on-campus presentations to our students. Local employers also invite our students to their workplaces to gain additional insights.

    Examples include:

  • Chinese employers

    The International Careers team are aware that many of our Chinese students wish to return home after finishing their studies. 

    We have developed strong relationships with recruitment staff at Chinese organisations who are looking to hire Chinese students from the University of Adelaide. 

    These organisations come to campus directly to meet with students or are offered the possibility of connecting virtually.

    Examples include: