New Colombo Plan (NCP) Scholarships To China

This unique and exciting program is aimed at students who wish to gain first-hand experience of the business environment in China.

This 4 weeks program is funded through the Australian government’s New Colombo Plan scholarships with the aim of providing Australian students with a deeper understanding of Chinese language, industry, culture and workplace practices.  

NCP Program
  • Program structure

    After acceptance onto the program and prior to departing to China, students are well supported with pre-departure briefing sessions. 

    Upon arrival in China, the New Colombo Plan (NCP) scholarship recipients undertake an intensive cultural and language immersion program which sets them up well for their 2-3 week placement with a Chinese employer.  This program will aim to increase competencies in business intelligence, industry networking, internet thinking, Chinese language and Chinese business practices. Group activities allow for building relationships as well as exploring the city.  NCP students are required to undertake an industry project whilst placed with the Chinese employer.

    Upon arrival back in Australia, program participants will attend specialised career development sessions focussing on highlighting this unique experience to future employers. 

  • Program benefits

    This mobility project aligns with the Australia Government Initiative on developing global citizens for the future workforce and University strategic plan. NCP Mobility Grant recipients who are able to undertake this unique experience with well-known host organisations will benefit in numerous ways including:

    • First-hand experience of the business environment in China while being immersed in local culture and industry
    • Professional relationships and global connections with industry professionals through various business and community events;
    • Group activities to explore the city, history and cultural elements in China
    • Access to the alumni community to share their experiences and continue to develop knowledge and professional links in China.
    • Career support to increase employability and articulate global internship experience to future employers
    • Reference letter from the host organisation

    For further information please refer to NCP China

  • Student feedback

    I enjoyed the presentations, as it gave me a better understanding of China and the recruitment system. The Internet Thinking presentation was interesting, as I learnt plenty about China technology and its various usage.

    - Bachelor of Commerce (International Business)

    My main objective was to prove to myself that I can face new challenges and outperform myself in the workplace. I feel as though I achieved this, especially after discussing my performance with my supervisor at work. She wrote me a lengthy recommendation letter, which she was not required to which I felt was a validation of my performance during the 3 weeks at BOE.

    - Bachelor of International Studies

    The program was well-structured and I felt that its goals were met in helping students gain useful working experience and knowledge of other cultures. This experience helped me achieve my objectives which were to experience the culture in a foreign country and enhance my employability. 

    Bachelor of Laws and Finance