Be mentored by industry

If you're looking for specific advice and guidance on your career pathway from an industry expert you can join one of our structured mentoring programs.

Through mentoring you will be matched with a professional from your chosen industry and have the chance to develop real insights into the areas you're interested in, build career confidence and practice your networking skills.

We have a few different types of mentoring programs each with different lengths, commitment and mentor style.

Career Access Mentoring

This program runs each semester and matches you with an industry expert over two to four meetings. As our program is a “mentee-driven” process you will be driving the discussion to help you take a step forward in your career and achieve your goals. You do need to have completed one year of study if you are an undergraduate student or are eligible to join at any stage of a postgraduate degree. 

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International Student Alumni Mentoring

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to talk with someone who has gone through a similar study experience and could offer advice about your career development? With the assistance of our international alumni network, International Alumni Mentoring Program provides extra support and career guidance for international students at the University of Adelaide. As role models and mentors, our international alumni have so much to offer to our current students and can provide insights into successful study and job hunting. The International Alumni Mentoring Program features our alumni who were our international students in the past (and other international mentors) and would like to contribute to the career development of current international students at the University of Adelaide. Alumni mentors will be able to easily relate to your current situation and share appropriate advice. 

In 2021, the International Student Alumni Mentoring program was combined with the Career Access Mentoring program. If you would like to register, please visit Career Access Mentoring webpage above.

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Self-Sourced Mentors

If you aren't able to commit to a full program but would like to learn how to approach your own mentor and negotiate a mentoring partnership - we can help to guide you with that process too. Reach out and we'll talk you through this process.