Career Tools (on demand)

Need to brush up on your career skills? Look no further – the Career Services provide a number of free tools that help you learn what employers look for when hiring. These resources are available on demand (24/7). 

  • Resume Checkers

    You have a couple of options when it comes to resume checkers:

    VMock CV360
    For quick a quick check on the content and structure of a resume with basic formatting (no fancy designed docs!), you can use VMock. This tool is designed to analyse your document and provide instant feedback on impact, presentation and competencies.

    VMock will provide a score for your resume as well as suggestions on the formatting and content.
    For a resume checker more tailored to Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), try CV360. When applying for jobs, sometimes your resume will be analysed by a machine before a human sets eyes on it. Even then, it may only reach a person if the system deems it a good match for their search. These machines are commonly known as ATS and make life easier for hiring managers (but potentially harder for you!).

    CV360 scores your resume against more than 50 checks that commonly trip up an ATS, annoy a hiring manager or de-prioritise your doc. You get instant, detailed feedback so you can optimise your resume and boost your chances of getting to interview.


  • Resume Builder

    Need some help getting started with your resume? Try out our resume builder – you'll end up with a professional, ATS-friendly resume that suits your skills and experience. 


  • Cover Letter Builder

    cover letter or covering email is the most effective method you have at your disposal to get a recruiter or potential employer to read your resume. It's also the first opportunity you have to impress, so don't think of it as simply a formality.

    Create your cover letter quickly and easily with the Cover Letter Builder. You will also learn more about cover letters, find a selection of examples and gain useful tips and advice.


  • Psychometric self-assessments and Testing

    What do you value? What is your typical style of interaction? What characteristics do you display and how might you be perceived in the workplace? Whether you are beginning your career, have many years of experience or are unsure of your career direction, reflecting on your motivations, preferences, values and working style can be useful when considering your current role and desired career path. 

    The following assessments take 10-15 minutes each to complete. At the end of each assessment you can access your personal report, with practical, tailored, recommendations to apply to the workplace.


    Most employers use psychometric, personality or aptitude testing to assess the suitability of candidates during the hiring process, and they are often used in assessment centres. Unlike psychometric or personality tests, however, aptitude tests do have a right or wrong answer, so practising them can make a big difference to your chances of being hired. This is where you can practice a wide variety of commonly used assessments to improve your chances of performing well for the real deal.


  • Interview Simulators

    The best way to prepare for an interview is to practice, especially with the help of a friend. Another great way to practice is to simulate the interview environment online – we've got two tools to help you do just that. 

    First up is Vieple; this software is used in industry for recruitment, so you'll gain a good understanding of how video interviewing works from a candidate's perspective. We've prepared a few different interview questions for you to try out below; once you're done, you can watch back your responses by logging into Vieple with your student details. 


    We also have a guided interview trainer available on our Career Skills platform. You can either take an auto-generated mock interview or browse top-voted questions from employers. 

    Practise your interview technique against the clock, recording your answers as you go; compare your responses against video advice from employers, explaining why they ask these questions and how good answers differ from poor ones.


  • Assessment Centre Tool

    Assessment centres are used by many Australian companies as a part of the recruitment process. They focus on assessing your competencies as you participate in individual and team activities. 

    Our comprehensive assessment centre tool explains everything you need to know about the these centres, run by some of the biggest companies in Australia. Find out about individual hiring processes, the activities you may be assessed on, what employers look for and how to shine.