Career Expo for Students

Careers Expo 2021 brings graduate employers to students to discover opportunities, career pathways and connect with industry.

Careers Expo 2021 will be held on Thursday 11th March over on a virtual networking platform where you will be able to meet employers in small groups (or individually if the chance arises).

This event is specifically designed to showcase career opportunities, Graduate Programs, Internship Employment opportunities and related career development services from professional associations.

More than 60 Exhibitor Tables have been booked to the event - there's something for everyone!

The Details

  • Event Date: Thursday 11-March 2021
  • Event Time: 11:00am - 2:00pm ACDT
  • Event Location: Online (Virtual)
  • Disciplines: All Disciplines and Study Areas

REGISTER FOR EXPO Student Preparation Sessions Student How-To Guide


    • Which employers will be at Careers Expo?

      Full Company List

      The list of employers and companies that attend Careers Expo changes every year and for our Virtual event in 2021, more than 60 company tables are booked

      The full list of employers is still being updated daily. With the button provided you'll find a list of exhibitors, their company profiles, target details, eligibility criteria and more. 

    • Why should I attend Careers Expo?

      This is your chance to meet with employers who want to speak with and hire University of Adelaide students for graduate roles, vacation work, internships and more. 

      Unlike the generic fairs, all companies are dedicating time to the University of Adelaide and want to see you engage with them.

      The event is virtual this time around to allow for all students and employers to attend but when speaking with employers you will be in a small group (1-6 students speaking with employers at a time). This is your time to shine!

    • How do students access the event?

      The event link will be provided on the day to students who have registered for Expo By registering you will be on the student mailing list for any event updates. On the event day you will be sent an access link just prior to the event. 

      Student Registration  Student How-To Guide

      You'll be accessing via a web platform with a unique event link. Chrome, Firefox and Safari are preferred browsers for the platform. 

      We recommend using your laptop or desktop and finding a quiet place to tune in to the event so you can talk and chat with employers. 


    • How can I make the most out of Careers Expo?

      There’s definitely some points we recommend to make the most of this once a year event.

      • Access the Exhibitor List to view all employers (updated daily)
      • Start a 'planning document' for your visit (word, excel, trello, one note) and mark employers as ‘favourites’ and add notes
      • Do your research before the event to understand what each exhibitor does, the jobs and career paths on offer and how you might use your skills as part of their team. 
      • Consider the 'all discipline' employers too
      • Consider the timing of your classes so you can fit in as much time at the Expo for the 3-hour event. 
      • Think about what you will wear and what your setup will be. Using your laptop or desktop will be the best experience and remember that even virtually - first impressions count
      • Attend a Prepare For Expo workshop. 

      Student How-To Guide

    • Can I practice in the virtual platform before the day?

      Absolutely! This is new for everyone so we have scheduled a few things to help you along

      Student 'Prepare for Expo' Sessions

      These are sessions guided by Careers. We'll lead you through what the Expo is all about, how to be prepared, how to use the platform and how to make the most out of your day!

      Practice Sessions (Self-Directed)

      We've also scheduled Practice Sessions - a self-guided time to pop into the platform and play around. You never know who you'll meet in the practice sessions... we've opened these to both students and employers!

    • How do I use the virtual platform?

      You will hopefully find it really intuitive! Once you follow the access link on the day (provided after you register), you will be taken into the event platform.

      As you enter the platform: 

      1. Test your camera and audio settings
      2. Update your profile photo (optional)
      3. Adjust your profile name (we suggest the format of "NAME - Degree" eg "Kate - Engineering"  / "Shu - Business" / "Claire - Computer Sciences" / "Ahmed - Law")
      4. Navigate your way around the Exhibition Hall - there are six floors to navigate!

      On each floor you will find:

      • Exhibitor tables in alphabetical order
      • Some companies have multiple tables to cover different opportunities or discipline targets
      • A 'student lounge' (to take a break)
      • Pods (in case an employer asks you for an individual chat)
      • A help desk to speak with Careers or troubleshoot

      Student How-To Guide

    • How does it work? How do I meet with recruiters?

      When you enter the platform you'll be placed on a table at random across the venue. There are 60+ employers and 6 'floors' of exhibitors so you'll want to visit each floor!

      Exhibitors are in alphabetical order throughout the venue. You'll be placed at random on a table so you may want to jump into the student lounge to gather your bearings before visiting a table.

      There are 8 'seats' available on each company table. One or two of these will be taken by the company recruiters or technical leads leaving about 6 seats free for students and graduates to visit.

      You can:

      • Meet on the Exhibitor 'Table' with a small group 
      • See 'share screen' or 'whiteboard' content from the company 
      • Chat via video
      • Get links from the company via the chat feature.

      Note - we don't encourage use of the individual chat feature unless the employer instigates this. You may be asked over to a 1:1 Pod conversation with an employer. 

      Student How-To Guide

    • What should I ask recruiters?

      It is a great idea to research the companies you are interested in before coming to Expo. This way the recruiters will know you are genuinely interested in what they do and working for them. Recruiters will be very impressed by your research and it will absolutely help you stand out. 

      By doing your research you will also come up with your own unique questions to ask. There may be a project they are working on, some news that has been released or a part of the graduate rotation program you are interested in. 

      Other things you may want to ask recruiters include:

      • What is a standard day like for a graduate?
      • How can I make my resume or cover letter stand out?
      • What kind of work experience can I do while at Uni that will be beneficial for working for your organisation in the future?
      • What kinds of projects might graduates get to work on in the first 1-2 years?
      • Is there further training or opportunities available?
      • What key attributes do you look for in graduates (academic results, personal achievements, extracurricular activities, work experience, references)?
      • Does your organisation offer internships or work experience?
      • How did you achieve your position?
      • What projects do you enjoy working on most?

      Remember to be confident, prepared, shake peoples hands and keep eye contact!

    • Do I have to attend for all three hours?

      You can attend at any time throughout the event but we recommend doing your research and thinking about which organisations are on your 'target list.' Once you know this, allow at least 10 minutes per employer as well as time to navigate and possibly wait for a free space at their table.

      You might also find new employers to visit - so allow time for this too!

    • What if an employer I want to visit is full?

      Nuts! Sometimes that happens! With 8 seats on each employer table, you may have to wait your turn to visit an employer on your target list. 

      There are a few ways to navigate this:

      • Consider waiting in the 'Student Lounge' on that floor until a place becomes available
      • Consider visiting another employer of choice and returning to your waitlist employer later
    • Can I attend in my first or second year of Uni?

      Students from any year level or discipline are welcome to attend Careers Expo and you might be surprised by the opportunities available. 

      While Careers Expo is likely to be most suitable for final year students or those who have recently graduated and are looking for career options, each year level will find something to take away from the event. 

      Final year

      Final year students will hear about the range of graduate jobs and programs that are open for applications, career paths that are available and what it is like to work in each organisation. You will have the chance to speak directly with recruiters about your applications and even with some graduates who are now working for them and ask questions around how they stood out. Practise your networking skills, explore your options and prepare for life beyond graduation. 

      Penultimate year

      Penultimate year (second or second to last) students can better understand the opportunities that exist for both internship and vacation programs, and future jobs and graduate programs. Speak with recruiters about the available and upcoming opportunities and what kind of experience you can be building now to become an ideal candidate for them in the future. Begin to plan for your final years and ask specific questions around preparing your final year applications. 

      First year

      First year students should be researching the kinds of industries and organisations that exist, and where your degree and interests can take you. If you're not too sure about your study direction yet or want to plan for future internships and work experience you can ask recruiters and graduates at the event about what they would recommend. Try to keep your questions brief and to the point and even just attend to have the chance to look around and learn about some new organisations you may not have heard of. 

    • What are graduate and internship programs?

      Generally, graduate and vacation programs are structured programs that help students and graduates navigate the working world and entering a larger organisation with ongoing support. 

      The organisations that offer these programs are usually larger ones that you have probably seen or heard of before. They usually recruit large numbers of students and graduates and offer great opportunities for students early careers.

      More information about graduate programs and other opportunities can be found in the Jobs and Graduate Programs Guide. 

      View Guides

    • Will there be an in-person Expo?

      We look forward to running in person Career Expos in the future.

      For now, virtual was the only way to ensure that all the employers from local, interstate and international markets could attend (and that you could attend from anywhere too).