Career Expo for Students

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Career Expo 2023

Connect to jobs, employers and careers. 


Career Expo brings graduate employers to campus across two days for students to discover opportunities, career pathways and connect with industry.

Career Expo 2023 will be held in March over two days under strict COVID-19 guidelines. Each event day focuses on different target disciplines.

First Day: March 2023

  • Event Time: Details coming soon
  • Disciplines: Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematical Sciences, Architecture, Construction and Sciences
  • Location: Bonython Hall, North Terrace Campus, The University of Adelaide

Second Day: March 2023

  • Event Time: Details coming soon
  • Disciplines: Business (Commerce, Finance, Economics, Marketing, Innovation), Law*, Psychology, Health Sciences, Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
  • Location: Bonython Hall - North Terrace Campus, The University of Adelaide

This event provides a chance for employers and recruiters to exhibit and showcase their opportunities to students and is a place for industry to meet their next round of talented graduates. Most companies and organisations will have applications open for Graduate Programs which students can apply for around March so make sure to check application deadlines before coming along to the event. Visit CareerHub to stay updated on graduate programs and jobs as they are listed. 

Being prepared for Careers Expo will ensure you stand out from the crowd. You can prepare by:

  • Career Fair Plus App - Download the official event app on iOS or Android.
  • Prepare for Expo workshop - Book yourself into a workshop ahead of the event for insights and advice here.
  • Download the Careers Expo Student Guide - Review the guide and know what to expect during Expo here.

Research other industry events - Industry visit campus throughout the year and upcoming events are on CareerHub.

  • Which employers will be at Careers Expo?

    The list of employers and companies that attend Careers Expo changes every year, however there are some important things to note.

    The event is held across two discipline specific days and so employers choose which day to attend based on the student cohorts they are looking to recruit, while others will attend both days as they may have more versatile opportunities available. It is important to do your research and know which employers will be there so you can be prepared!

    The full list of employers are available on the Career Fair Plus app and below:

    Exhibitors at Careers Expo 2022

    Both Days (Wednesday 16 and Thursday 17 March): Accenture, BAE Systems Australia, Career Services, Defence Force Recruiting, Deloitte, Department for Energy and Mining, Department for Infrastructure and Transport, Department of the Premier and Cabinet, EY, Government of South Australia, KPMG, LMS Energy, OZ Minerals, PwC Australia, Skilled & Business Migration.

    Day 1: STEM and Architecture (Wednesday 16 March): Akuna Capital, Beach Energy, Schlumberger, Enzen Australia, BHP, Leed Engineering and Construction, MLEI Consulting Engineers, Aurecon Emerging Professionals, Santos, Lockheed Martin Australia, SIG, Fivecast, AMpowered: brought to you by Chamonix & exposé, LIFELENZ, DXC Technology, IMC, Acacia Systems, Naval Shipbuilding College, GPA Engineering, Multiplex, SA Power Networks.

    Day 2: Arts, Business and Health (Thursday 17 March): Adelaide Business Students' Society, Adelaide University Entrepreneur Club, APM Group, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australian Rehabilitation Providers Association, Australian Taxation Office, Bright Futures Society, Chartered Accountants ANZ, Department for Child Protection, Department of Human Services, Department of Treasury and Finance, Grant Thornton, Hood Sweeney, I Can Jump Puddles, Nexia Edwards Marshall, Perks Accounts & Wealth Advisers, Pitcher Partners, Resthaven Incorporated, RSM Australia, SACARE, South Australia Police.


  • Why should I attend Careers Expo?

    This is your chance to meet with employers who want to speak with and hire University of Adelaide students for graduate roles, vacation work, internships and more. 

    Unlike the generic fairs, all companies are dedicating time to the University of Adelaide and want to see you engage with them.

    So come prepared. This is your time to shine!

  • How can I make the most out of Careers Expo?

    There are definitely some points we recommend to help make the most of this once-a-year event.

    • Download the CareerFair Plus app to view the floorplan, mark employers as ‘favourites’, add notes, receive alerts from employers and more.
    • Do your research before the event to understand what each exhibitor does, the jobs and career paths on offer and how you might use your skills as part of their team. Use the app to do this!
    • Think about which event day suits your discipline and make sure that you attend both if you have broader career interests. 
    • Consider the timing of your classes so you can fit in as much time at the Expo for the 4-hour event each day.
    • Think about what you will wear and bring with you (first impressions count). 
  • What do I bring on the day?

    To make the most of this event remember to bring the following:

    • Student ID Card
    • Mobile phone - you will be required to check-in via the event QR code and don't forget to download the Career Fair Plus app 
    • Note paper and a pen 
    • Small bag - exhibitors often give away brochures and small items
    • Business cards - should you wish to exchange with recruiters

    We encourage students to leave backpacks and larger items in lockers or at home for the day. Food and drink is also not permitted inside the event venue.

    Please note recruiters and employers will not accept resumes at the event and applications must be made online. 


  • What should I ask recruiters?

    It is a great idea to research the companies you are interested in before coming to Expo. This way the recruiters will know you are genuinely interested in what they do and working for them. Recruiters will be very impressed by your research and it will absolutely help you stand out. 

    By doing your research you will also come up with your own unique questions to ask. There may be a project they are working on, some news that has been released or a part of the graduate rotation program you are interested in. 

    Other things you may want to ask recruiters include:

    • What is a standard day like for a graduate?
    • How can I make my resume or cover letter stand out?
    • What kind of work experience can I do while at Uni that will be beneficial for working for your organisation in the future?
    • What kinds of projects might graduates get to work on in the first 1-2 years?
    • Is there further training or opportunities available?
    • What key attributes do you look for in graduates (academic results, personal achievements, extracurricular activities, work experience, references)?
    • Does your organisation offer internships or work experience?
    • How did you achieve your position?
    • What projects do you enjoy working on most?

    Remember to be confident, prepared and keep eye contact!

  • Do I have to attend for the whole time?

    You can attend at any time throughout the event but we recommend doing your research and thinking about which organisations are on your 'target list.' Once you know this, allow at least 10 minutes per employer as well as time to navigate and possibly wait for a free space at their booth.

    You might also find new employers to visit so allow time for this too! 

    This event will adhere to the latest advice from Australian health authorities therefore there may be delays getting into the venue as capacity restrictions will apply. Your patience is appreciated.  


  • Can I attend in my first or second year of Uni?

    Students from any year level or discipline are welcome to attend Careers Expo and you might be surprised by the opportunities available. 

    While Careers Expo is likely to be most suitable for final year students or those who have recently graduated and are looking for career options, each year level will find something to take away from the event. 

    Final year

    Final year students will hear about the range of graduate jobs and programs that are open for applications, career paths that are available and what it is like to work in each organisation. You will have the chance to speak directly with recruiters about your applications and even with some graduates who are now working for them and ask questions around how they stood out. Practise your networking skills, explore your options and prepare for life beyond graduation. 

    Penultimate year

    Penultimate year (second or second to last) students can better understand the opportunities that exist for both internship and vacation programs, and future jobs and graduate programs. Speak with recruiters about the available and upcoming opportunities and what kind of experience you can be building now to become an ideal candidate for them in the future. Begin to plan for your final years and ask specific questions around preparing your final year applications. 

    First year

    First year students should be researching the kinds of industries and organisations that exist, and where your degree and interests can take you. If you're not too sure about your study direction yet or want to plan for future internships and work experience you can ask recruiters and graduates at the event about what they would recommend. Try to keep your questions brief and to the point and even just attend to have the chance to look around and learn about some new organisations you may not have heard of. 

  • What are graduate and internship programs?

    Generally, graduate and vacation programs are structured programs that help students and graduates navigate the working world and entering a larger organisation with ongoing support. 

    The organisations that offer these programs are usually larger ones that you have probably seen or heard of before. They usually recruit large numbers of students and graduates and offer great opportunities for students early careers.

    More information about graduate programs and other opportunities can be found in the Jobs and Graduate Programs Guide. 

    View Guides

  • What other industry events are happening throughout the year?

    Many career-related events run throughout the year. We host employers on campus almost every week (including the holiday breaks) for different disciplines as 'open' events and then some events and panel sessions are embedded into your classes. While Careers Expo only happens in March annually, you can stay updated on all other open and extra-curricular industry events through CareerHub.