Meet Our team

The Industry Engagement & Career Education and the International Development & Partnerships teams at the University of Adelaide are award winning.  They're comprised of professionals from a range of backgrounds who work to support students and industry. 

Our team are here to help:

  • Students and graduates with career guidance and resources up to one year after completion of study,
  • Employers, industry and recruiters to connect with the student body, student societies and academic colleagues,
  • and academic and professional colleagues to deliver career education program and connect with our employer network. 
  • Industry Engagement & Career Education

    Manager, Industry Engagement & Career Education

    Fiona Brammy

    Fiona is the Manager for the Industry Engagement and Career Education team, having previously worked as a Career Educator for a number of years. She is using her knowledge and passion to support the team, enabling them to provide the best possible service and advice to industry and students.

    Fiona is dedicated to helping individuals with their career development and seeing them flourish from students into graduates.  She is deeply knowledgeable about career pathways and development. Her breadth of experience assists students to explore their full career potential and develop their employability. 

    Careers Support Officer

    Mandy Bradtke

    Mandy is frontline for the Career Services team.  She plays an important role by triaging students who contact the service to ensure they are directed to the most appropriate resources and services.  For employers, Mandy provides answers to enquiries where possible, and directs them to other members of the team when appropriate.

  • - Career Educators

    The University employs a number of highly qualified Career Educators who are able to assist students and recent graduates with their career questions.  These staff are also involved in providing Careers in Curriculum to the wider student body.

    Michelle McKinnon

    Michelle is a committed careers education professional and her focus is on enabling students to articulate their professional skills, values and attributes allowing them to complete globally in the labour market. Michelle holds a Masters in Arts (Economics and Japanese) from the University of Edinburgh and also has post grad qualification in career development. With a strong international background, Michelle also designs and delivers workshops tailored to the career development needs of international students.

    Tamara Nuske

    Tamara is dedicated to empowering individuals through career education and planning, connection and storytelling, Tamara acknowledges the pivotal role early career advice plays in setting students up for success. With a background in public health, she enjoys supporting students to draw out their skills and values to align with their career direction, as well as actively facilitating group employability sessions with students from across the university.

    Sandra Yee

    Sandra has extensive experience as a Career Practitioner in higher education, along with a background in recruitment and selection.   Her role is to support students in their career development through one on one counselling, workshops and career education within curriculum.  She has a particular interest in supporting early career professionals with making considered career decisions, and sourcing and applying for work experience and graduate employment. 

    Melanie Spandrio

    Melanie is a career development practitioner, experienced in working with tertiary students and graduates. Her philosophy centres on providing students and graduates with the tools and encouragement that enable them to actively and successfully take control and manage their own career development. Melanie graduated from the University of Adelaide with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology and English.

    Part-time Career Educator

    Sally Selway: Sally is a person-centric individual who provides direction & planning guidance and careers advice, to students across the University from diverse multicultural backgrounds and various ranges of Education levels, from First Year to PhD and everything in-between.


  • - Employers and Industry

    Our Industry Liaison Officers assist connecting industry with our employment ready students.  The team is comprised of:

    Industry Engagement Lead

    Robyn Gamble

    Robyn leads industry engagement strategy and initiatives for Career Services. Robyn is passionate about building mutually beneficial relationships with our employer/industry network, to support their current and future talent pipelines, as well creating meaningful connection points for our students to meet industry and make informed career choices.


    Employer & Student Liaison

    Jo Low

    Jo is committed to helping students take ownership of their early career journey by providing them with opportunities to build connections with industry, gain relevant industry insights, develop their employability, and discover career pathways and job opportunities. Integral to this endeavour is partnering with employers to build brand recognition on campus, to engage with emerging talent, and to support them in fostering the next generation of industry leaders and professionals. 

    Employer Liaison

    Kira Mackay

    Kira, in her role as our Industry Liaison, cultivates vital connections between our University, students and industry partners. Kira is committed to crafting opportunities that facilitate meaningful interactions between Industry and students. Through her efforts, Kira ensures that our students are well-equipped for success in their careers by engaging them in valuable networking activities.

  • - Employability Programs

    The University strives to ensure our graduates are job ready.  As part of the job ready program, we offer the following initiatives to help our graduates with the "soft skills" they'll need on the job.

    Adelaide Graduate Award

    Jodie Bishop (Employability Programs Coordinator)

    Jodie is eager to assist students to tailor their employability program activities for maximum skill enhancement and recognition.

    She encourages students to take on new, stimulating, and unique career preparation experiences.

    Career Access Mentoring

    Kym Teh (Program Coordinator)

    Kym is an experienced university and industry manager, with extensive program and project management experience across sectors. He is responsible for the project management of the university’s flagship Career Access Mentoring Program. Amongst Kym’s diverse experiences, he has been an Academic Division Manager, Faculty General Manager, Academic Registrar (Engineering), Business/School Manager, and adjunct academic (law & information technology). From an industry perspective, Kym has been a government project manager and strategy adviser (information technology), IT corporation Executive General Manager, and commercial lawyer and corporate counsel (with intellectual property expertise). He holds a doctorate (PhD) and qualifications in law, computer science, and science and technology commercialisation.

    Cultural Intelligence Program

    Annette Wheatley (Program Coordinator)

    Since joining the University of Adelaide in 2009, Annette has developed and delivered intercultural programs. For the past seven years she has built and managed Global IQ Connect, a strategic program for students to develop intercultural skills and Cultural Intelligence (CQ). She is a certified Cultural Intelligence trainer and facilitates workshops, mainly for students. Annette lived and worked in Europe, Latin America and Greater China, working in the tertiary education, corporate and government sectors where she developed a keen interest in cross-cultural communication and working in multi-cultural environments. This role also includes the creation of an online course about the principles of culture, its influence on human behaviour and its significance for positive intercultural communication.

  • - Career Support for Students living with a disability

    University Specialist Employment Partnership (USEP) is a one-to-one service providing specialist career support to students with disabilities, chronic illnesses, mental health conditions or who are neurodivergent. This service is free, flexible, and available to all current students and graduates within 12 months of completion of studies.

    Program Coordinator

    Sascha Lemon-Spence

    Sascha has worked within the employment space for over 20 years and with the USEP program since its inception in 2018. Sascha is passionate about sustainable employment opportunities for people with a disability and prides herself on her ability to build and maintain meaningful relationships with clients and employers. With experience supporting clients from various skill, education, age, and disability backgrounds Sascha provides a relatable and understanding service.

    USEP Assistant

    Shona Edwards

    Shona is an enthusiastic advocate for disability equity in higher education and joined CBS in 2023 as assistant to the USEP program. Shona has been a student leader, peer facilitator and community organiser in universities and in the health sector. Shona provides representation that is compassionate, conscientious, and informed at all times by the value of lived experience and peer support.

    More information at

  • International Development & Partnerships

    Tony Zheng

    Manager, International Development and Partnerships

    Tony is passionate about providing international students with career development support to facilitate their pathway to employment both in Australia and overseas. In 2015, Tony designed and developed the successful China Career Ready Plus (CCR+) program which was the first of its kind in Australia. Graduating with a Master in Computer Science from the University of Adelaide, Tony has an in-depth understanding of the employment challenges facing international students. 

    Julia Zhao

    Project Coordinator (International Development)

    Julia is currently managing international projects to improve career opportunities for international students. Using her high-level project management and relationship building skills, her role focuses on facilitating employability initiatives through collaboration between industry and the university. She completed a Masters Degree at the University of Adelaide in 2012, majoring in Accounting and Marketing. 

    Candice Tang

    International Careers & Employability Officer

    Candice is an experienced education industry professional with a keen interest in providing high-quality education consulting and student support services. With years of work experience in the Australian education industry, she has built a deep understanding of international students’ needs and requirements. She graduated with a Bachelor of Accounting from the University of Adelaide and has further developed her knowledge through studying Education Support and Migration Law.

    Joanne Li

    International Careers & Employability Support Officer

    Joanne is a highly experienced communications professional with expertise in educational marketing, graphics and multimedia design. In her current position in the international careers team, she is responsible for external employers and program branding. She graduated with a Bachelor of Tourism and Event Management from the University of South Australia as well as a Higher Diploma of Graphic design in Hong Kong. 

  • Awards


    • 2020 Best University Careers Service Finalist, AAGE Graduate Recruitment Industry Awards
    • 2020 Australian Financial Review Most Employable University Award Finalist, GradConnection Top100 
    • 2019 University Career Service Best Practice, China Career Development Award Winner - Global University Career Development Conference 
    • 2019 Australian Financial Review Most Employable University Award Finalist, GradConnection Top100 
    • 2018 University Career Service Best Practice, China Career Development Award Winner - Global University Career Development Conference
    • 2017 Australian Financial Review Higher Education Award Winner – International Education
    • 2017 National Best Practice Award Winner, NAGCAS (National Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services)
    • 2016 Best University Careers Service Finalist, AAGE Graduate Recruitment Industry Awards
    • 2015 Best University Careers Service Winner, AAGE Graduate Recruitment Industry Awards
    • 2015 National Best Practice Award Winner, NAGCAS (National Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services)
    • 2014 Best University Careers Service Finalist, AAGE Graduate Recruitment Industry Awards
    • 2013 Best University Careers Service Finalist, AAGE Graduate Recruitment Industry Awards
    • 2013 National Best Practice Award Winner, NAGCAS (National Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services)
    • 2010 National Career Week Event Winner, Australian Federal Government
    • 2009 National Best Practice Award Winner, NAGCAS (National Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services)

General enquiries

If you have a general enquiry relating to career planning, jobs and opportunities and events on campus please contact our team via phone or email. 

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