Turn your degree into a successful career.

This video features six students who completed the online program:

  • (top L-R) Szeyan, Charlotte, Jessica,
  • (bottom L-R) Ranjith, Manika, and Sneha. 

This FREE program is available to you as current domestic or international student, and to alumni who graduated less than 12 months ago (as of date of application) if you are interested in developing your Cultural Intelligence (CQ), thus gaining valuable skills to manage culturally diverse settings successfully and increase your employability. 

Most learning institutions and workplaces around the world are a cosmopolitan mix of people with different cultural and professional backgrounds. Whatever you are studying and planning to do with your degree, you will meet and work with people from different countries and backgrounds.

By participating in the Global IQ Connect program you have the opportunity to build your Cultural Intelligence, a set of skills needed not only to engage positively with local and international fellow students here in Adelaide during your studies, but also to have a successful career in culturally diverse settings. Having that specific set of skills will also prepare you for an exchange program you might want to undertake as part of your University degree, so that you can make the most out of that unique experience. 

Cultural Intelligence has been identified by experts as a key skill for the 21st century, whether you are in a leadership position, are part of a multicultural team or engage with a culturally diverse client and customer base.

Through the weekly discussions in the workshops and small groups of participants from different cultural backgrounds, you will understand the role culture plays in our communication and interaction with others, and how situations are often experienced differently by the people involved.

Cultural Intelligence goes beyond awareness. Knowing about cultural differences is not enough to be able to navigate differences. You need skills to do that. That is what Cultural Intelligence and the Global IQ Connect program are all about. Join this personal and professional transformative learning experience now! 


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