Turn your degree into a global career

Most cities and workplaces around the world are a cosmopolitan mix of people with different cultural and professional backgrounds. Whatever you plan to do with your degree, you will meet and work with people from different countries and backgrounds.

You can gain an international experience not only by studying overseas as part of your University degree, but also by engaging with local and international fellow students, here in Adelaide, through the Global IQ Connect program.  

The program gives you the opportunity to build and develop your intercultural skills through engaging with other students from different countries and cultures. It will help you understand the role culture plays in communication and interaction and how situations are often experienced differently by the people involved.

Global IQ Connect can be the program for you before going overseas, after coming back or as an alternative to an overseas experience. The choice is yours! For details please visit the study overseas website.



Become part of the Global IQ Connect community.

Adelaide Graduate Award

You will be able to use Global IQ Connect as evidence of qualifying for one of the components of the Adelaide Graduate Award.